How to Protect Wooden Garden Furniture

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How to Protect Wooden Garden Furniture

Protecting wooden garden furniture from the outside elements means that the life expectancy of the products can be extended considerably. Ultraviolet light (UV), rainfall and blemishes that are caused by everyday usage all take their toll on wooden furniture that is stored out of doors. Tables and chairs tend to take the most damage because they are often moved around when in use. There are a number of ways that it is possible to protect wooden garden furniture, but it should be said that none of these methods will make it last forever. At some point, garden furniture is simply beyond its best and ought to be replaced. However, for anyone who has bought new furniture for their garden, maintaining and protecting it will be the priority.


How to Protect Wooden Garden Furniture From the Sun

As mentioned, excessive exposure to UV light will cause wooden furniture to age prematurely. Even if it has been protected by a coat of varnish, UV light eventually breaks this barrier down. In order to protect furniture from the worst ravages of the sun, owners should take the following steps.

Use the Shade

When used in the semi-outdoors, such as a conservatory, wooden furniture can be protected from UV light with curtains or blinds during the sunniest times of the day. If the furniture is on a veranda then don’t place it right at the edge where it will be exposed to the most light. Where the furniture is in a garden, position it under a tree or in the shade of a building. If this is not possible, then consider moving the furniture into a shady spot throughout the hottest part of the day and moving it back later or putting up a garden umbrella to create some cover.

Store Out of the Sun

In the summer months, storing garden furniture in a garage when it is not in use makes a lot of sense. Alternatively, use a garden shed or an outbuilding to protect the furniture from excessive sunshine. If these are not available, an old bed sheet thrown over the top and weighed down makes for a good makeshift alternative. However, never use a plastic cover with furniture as this can trap condensation or even melt in high temperatures.


How to Protect Wooden Garden Furniture From Blemishes

Accidental marks can be a problem with garden furniture. To overcome this, try these ideas.

Use Seat Cushions

Tie-on cushions are great over wooden garden seats because they mean that the furniture is protected from people getting up and down. In addition, they often make wooden seats more comfortable to sit on.

Protect Wooden Tables with Tablecloths

Using a tablecloth is a very simple measure which helps to prevent damage from dropped cutlery when a table is being used to eat outdoors. It also helps to prevent staining from spillage from things like red wine, too.


How to Protect Wooden Garden Furniture From Moisture

Wet weather tends to be the worst thing that timber garden furniture suffers from. Rainfall and standing water causes garden furniture to become weaker over time. However, there are some things that can be done to protect it.

Use Varnish

There are plenty of special outdoor furniture varnishes to choose from. Some will say they last 10 years, but it really depends on the amount of rainfall that the furniture is exposed to. Some will also stain the wood, so it is worth checking this if the furniture in question already has a nice finish. Remember to varnish all of the furniture, paying particular attention to the legs and the underside.

Use Paint

Painting outdoor furniture is a good way of protecting it from wet conditions. Always do this when the furniture is very dry, otherwise it is possible to seal damaging moisture in. Choose a light colour which will also reflect unwanted UV light away, for double protection.


How to Buy Wooden Garden Furniture Products on eBay

Shoppers who are looking to replace their wooden outdoor furniture should look in the ‘Furniture’ category of the ‘Home & Garden’ section. If a product that will help to lengthen the life of wooden garden seating is wanted instead, then a try a search in ‘Building Materials, DIY’ instead. Before buying paint or varnish, it is best to work out how many litres will be required to coat the furniture. It is always best to purchase a little too much than not enough. Before making a purchase or a bid, check out the ratings for the seller left by other eBay users.



Keep garden furniture out of the sun and the rain, if possible. When it is not, treat the furniture with a layer or two of protective covering - varnish or paint. When in use, try to keep the furniture covered so that it has an additional layer of protection.

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