How to Protect Your Pets from Fleas and Ticks

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How to Protect Your Pets from Fleas and Ticks

One of the many responsibilities of owning a dog is making sure your beloved animal is free of fleas and ticks. These tiny insects are parasites that live on dogs, making their skin very itchy and irritated, and possibly even transmitting diseases. There are several ways to treat flea and tick problems, and many of these products are available on eBay.


5 Methods for Ridding Dogs of Fleas and Ticks

1. Collars

Flea and tick collars work by releasing a toxin that kills or repels adult fleas and ticks. The collar is placed around the dog’s neck and offers protection for his entire body, although it is most effective for the immediate areas around the neck. The collars that repel the insects prevent any infestation by releasing a toxic gas. There are also collars that release a chemical that prevents flea eggs and larvae from maturing. Depending on the brand and type of flea and tick collar purchased, the effects last from 30 days up to eight months.

2. Powders and Sprays

Powders and sprays are a good way to protect dogs from fleas and ticks for a few days. The powders and sprays kill the fleas and ticks on contact. Some products kill only adult fleas and ticks, while others kill the eggs and larvae. The best use of any powder or spray is when a pet is spending time in the woods or other grassy areas.

3. Tablets

Another method for preventing fleas and ticks is to give a dog oral medicine in the form of tablets. After digesting the tablet, a chemical is released into the dog’s bloodstream. The chemical kills fleas and ticks, but is not harmful to the dog. The tablets work in a few different ways. With some brands, the flea or tick dies when it bites the dog and draws blood. These types of tablets are only effective for 24 hours, so the dog needs to take the medicine every day. Other tablets prevent eggs from hatching when a female flea or tick bites the dog. These types of tablets usually offer 30 days of relief for the dog. Another benefit of tablets is that they all relieve the dog’s itchy skin from flea bites within 30 minutes.

4. Spot Treatment

Another method for killing fleas and ticks is with spot treatments. This method involves a liquid medicine that is applied to the skin of the dog’s neck. The oils in the dog’s skin distribute the liquid over the body. The medicine reaches the hair follicles of the dog, making it possible for the medicine to continue releasing chemicals for about 30 days, giving the dog a month of protection. The liquid kills any parasites already on the dog and repels new fleas and ticks. There are also brands of spot treatments that prevent the maturation of flea and tick eggs and larvae. The amount of the liquid needed for a dog depends on its weight. It’s important to read the label of any product to know how much the dosage should be.

5. Baths and Dips

Flea baths are for dogs with visible fleas and ticks. It is a fast way to get rid of adult parasites, but it provides no long-term protection. A dog can have a flea bath at a professional groomer’s clinic or at home, and it consists of water and a shampoo for killing adult parasites. The chemical washes off when the dog is rinsed off. For a more severe flea and tick infestation, there are flea dips. This process uses stronger chemicals, so most dips are performed at the pet groomer. The chemical residue remains on the dog for one to two weeks.


How to Buy Fleas and Tick Products on eBay

eBay is a great online marketplace for buying pet supplies. Buyers can get good deals at a fixed price, or they can bid on products at auction to win the item. To get started, buyers need to open a free account, and then find the product they want to buy. They can use the search box to type in keywords such as “flea collar,” or can look through the categories of products and click on “pet supplies.” For every item, there is a description of the product. When buying online, it’s a good idea for buyers to check the seller’s reputation by looking for the feedback score and reading a few comments from previous buyers. This information helps buyers to choose a reliable seller.



Although pet owners can prevent fleas and ticks by bathing their dogs regularly, washing bedding once a week, and vacuuming the house frequently, sometimes using a flea and tick product is also necessary.

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