How to Purchase a Kayak Seat on eBay

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How to Purchase a Kayak Seat on eBay

The sport of kayaking is an invigorating one which allows enthusiasts the freedom of being in the open water. However, like many sports, there is a lot more to kayaking than simply acquiring the basic boat and paddle. As kayakers get more serious about their sport, longer, more intense rides require the addition of kayaking accessories such as new seats. This can help to make each outing more efficient and comfortable.

Adding the convenience of shopping on eBay to the benefit of buying kayaks in general is the best way to save time and money in the process of upgrading a kayak with a new seat. However, there are important points to review about the kayak itself, the seat, and the eBay buying experience before moving forward with such a purchase.

Reviewing the Two Types of Kayaks

Although there are many subgenres of kayaking and kayak types, all of these fall into two major categories, or kayak types which are defined by their physical characteristics: recreational kayaks and sport kayaks. The first step of buying a kayak seat on eBay is determining which type of kayak seat is needed based on the type of kayak with which it will be used. The table below outlines these two major design types and the physical traits which set them apart from one another.

Type of Kayak

Also Called

Used For ...

Physical Features

Recreational kayak

Touring or sea kayak

Casual use for fishing, photography, exercise in calm waters

Long, stable, room for cargo and up to two passengers

Hard, flat chimes and flat hull

Efficient paddlers with large turning radius

May be 'sit inside' vessels or allow riders to sit on top as in a canoe

Sport kayak

White water kayak

Sporting use in fast-moving water prone to wake

Short, not as stable, but durable and manoeuvrable

Soft chime and rounded hull

'Sit inside' vessels only

Since the purpose and design of these two types of kayaks are so distinct, buying a seat for a kayak is very different in each case. Different types of kayak seats may be more or less appropriate for each model. Therefore, buyers need to take time to evaluate their vessels and their needs before moving on in the purchasing process.

Evaluating Kayak Seats

After reviewing the type of kayak that one owns and the type of kayak environment in which it is going to be used, there are additional factors that a buyer must consider that are specific to a kayak seat itself. These factors include the benefits of these seats, and therefore traits to observe when shopping, as well as the type of seats that are generally available. eBay offers a wide variety of kayak seats from many sellers all over Australia and the world. That is why taking the time to evaluate this step is so important before moving on to eBay itself.

Benefits of a New Kayak Seat

Kayak seats provide a number of benefits to riders that most first timers overlook when initially purchasing their kayaks. Indeed, kayaks usually come with a simple, non-backed, plastic/fibreglass seat that is moulded into the boat itself. This seat is efficient and perfectly acceptable for short, leisurely trips in a kayak. However, as owners become more invested in the sport, the need for additional comfort and other benefits does arise. There are four main benefits in addition to basic comfort that come from investing in kayak seat. They are:

  •     Back support
  •     Increased manoeuvrability
  •     Better paddling performance/efficiency
  •     Increased stability

    After taking basic kayaks out on the water a few times, most riders inherently wish for the benefits outlined above, which is why choosing to invest in a kayak seat is often easy. However, the sheer number of seat types available may make that decision slightly more complex.

    Basic Types of Kayak Seats

    Any basic eBay search for "kayak seat" quickly reveals that there are many different options available on the market today. And though each of these options provides a distinct benefit to the rider, knowing which one is right is really an exercise in personal needs and kayaking styles.

    Basic Kayak Seats

    This type is ideal for weekend kayakers just looking for increased comfort in order to prolong their trips. These seats are best used in recreational kayaks, though, since their main purpose, comfort, is less of a priority in sport kayaking.

    Deluxe Kayak Seats

    Similar to a basic seat, what sets a deluxe seat apart is generally the price point. As such, these seats provide greater comfort as well as a range of positions and ergonomic settings for the advanced kayaker. These seats are suited for both a recreational kayak as well as a sporting model, though each seat differs.

    Tall Back Kayak Seats

    As the name implies, tall back seats are a great alternative for taller individuals or those who are prone to a good deal of back pain and discomfort during long kayak tours. The exact size of a tall back kayak seat depends on the manufacturer, but they generally range from 38-50 centimetres.

    Fishing Kayak Seats

    Recreational kayakers who use their vessels predominantly for fishing trips should consider seats made specifically for this endeavour. Generally offering the ability to pivot so that a fishing line can be cast in multiple directions as well as enhanced comfort for sitting still, these seats make a fishing trip much more comfortable in a kayak.

    Inflatable Kayak Seats

    The last general option to consider is an inflatable kayak seat. As the name describes, these seats are incredibly portable and lightweight. These same traits make inflatable kayak seats a great option for sporting kayaks that rely on the ability to manoeuvre quickly, which added weight can prevent.

    Buying Kayak Seats on eBay

    Because of the millions of buyers and sellers who use eBay, it is a great place to research kayak seats or other sporting equipment. Buyers begin by typing their general needs into the main search bar and then read the specifications provided by each seller on an individual item's listing page. Choosing the right item or deal on eBay is then a matter of matching the description to your needs and then evaluating the seller.

    Evaluating Sellers

    On eBay, the responsibility of evaluating a seller is with the buyer. Luckily, eBay provides tools to help with that, namely the feedback and feedback stars function. It also offers buyers the ability to ask a question to a seller before committing to a purchase. Knowing how to use these tools saves time and money in the long run.


    Kayaking is an amazing and exhilarating hobby that captivates thousands of Aussies each year. Whether participating in recreational kayaking on still waters or sport kayaking among the rapids, there are many great locations to explore throughout this country. However, as kayakers become more experienced the need for comfort and other luxuries while in a kayak become important. Among the many kayak accessories that provide this comfort, kayak seats are most popular because they allow much needed comfort for long rides along with additional benefits such as back support and increased efficiency while paddling. If you are using your kayak mainly for fishing or you are a pretty tall person, you may want to buy a new kayak seat to fit those circumstances. By not only knowing the types of kayak seats typically available, but also how to buy them on eBay, getting a great kayak seat is both easy and fun.

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