How to Put on a Quilt Cover

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How to Put on a Quilt Cover

Make sure your quilt cover is clean and turned right side out. Inspect your quilt also to make sure it is completely clean and free of dust. 
Making sure everything is clean before you put on a quilt cover will extend the life of both your quilt and quilt cover.

Spread the quilt cover on the bed, with the open end nearest to you. Identify the top and bottom ends of your quilt. 
Grab the bottom left corner of your quilt with your right hand and insert the corner into the opening of the quilt cover on the left side. 
Slide the quilt corner up the interior left-hand seam of the quilt cover until the quilt corner reaches the cover corner and fits inside the cover corner.

Reach around the outside of the quilt cover with your left hand. Grasp the exterior and interior corner to keep them in place. 
Keep holding them with your left hand.

With your right hand still inside the quilt cover, lightly grasp the bottom hem of the quilt, and move it to the right until you are grasping the right-hand corner of the quilt. 
Move that corner along the bottom hem of the quilt cover until the quilt corner is sitting inside the cover corner.

Remove your right hand. Pin the right-hand corners together if you wish. Grasp the two bottom corners of the cover and the quilt, making sure the 
quilt corners are still fitting in the cover corners if you haven't pinned them together. Lift the cover and quilt off the bed and shake gently so that 
the cover falls downward over the quilt. Once the cover is completely covering the quilt, lay it back on the bed.

Walk over to the open end of the quilt cover. Fasten the opening together with the buttons, snaps or zip that keep the opening closed. 
Arrange on the bed as you see fit. It is more conventional to keep the open end of the quilt cover at the bottom so that fasteners don't get
close to your face as you sleep.

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