How to Recycle Golf Balls

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How to Recycle Golf Balls

Golfing is a popular sport all around the world. At one time or another, every golfer loses a golf ball. It may go into the trees, the sand pit, the water trap, or anywhere else. After dredging the lakes and searching nearby parking lots, many people choose to recover, recycle, and either reuse or resell these balls. The process to recycle golf balls is not difficult to do at home with a few simple tools. Even if you do not want to take the time to clean and grade golf balls for resale, you can save money by shopping for recycled golf balls on eBay, the local golf supply, or even your local golf course.

Cleaning Dirty Golf Balls

In order to recycle old golf balls back into working condition, they first need a good cleaning. You need a few supplies to get started.

* Bucket

* Water

* Dish soap

* Two small towels

* Dirty golf balls

* Soft scrub brush and toothbrush

* Rubber gloves (use if your hands are sensitive to dish washing or you want to keep them dry)

You may have many of these supplies around the home already. Once you gather them, you are ready to clean the balls.

Steps to Cleaning

Most golf balls found on the course need a good cleaning. Caked-on mud and grass can hide possible cuts or marks. By following a few simple steps, you can create clean golf balls ready to evaluate and use again.

1. Using the soft scrub brush, remove any excess mud and dirt. Pay attention to the dimples and watch for any cuts in the surface. Rinse with a hose or faucet and dry with one of the towels.

2. Fill the bucket with warm water.

3. Depending on how dirty the balls are, add a minimum of 1/2 cup of dish soap to the water in the bucket. Swish the water around to mix in the soap before adding the golf balls.

4. Add golf balls and let soak for at least two hours. This removes or at least loosens the caked-on dirt the initial scrubbing did not take off.

5. Use a toothbrush to scrub the balls after they soak to remove any stuck-on dirt in crevices. Use the scrub brush for tougher jobs.

6. Use the clean towel to wipe the balls clean, and then let them air-dry.

As you are cleaning, watch that all dimples are free of debris such as mould, dried grass clippings, and caked sand. You can easily remove any ink markings with nail polish remover and a cotton ball.

Other Options for Cleaning

Another option to clean golf balls is to ask your favourite golf course if they have golf-ball cleaning machines available for public use. There are also professional golf ball cleaning supplies. If you are a regular player, you can carry a cloth and clean balls while waiting for your turn on the course.

After Cleaning

Once you have the golf balls clean, separate them by type, brand, and quality. Many golfers accumulate a large number of used golf balls and wish to sell them.

Grading Used Golf Balls

When you are looking to either sell or buy recycled golf balls, there is a grading system to consider. Before selling, you need to rate golf balls based on how much wear they have sustained. The three main used golf ball classes are Premium, Standard, and Practice Grade.



Premium golf balls

Nearly new in quality and look

May have a few small marks but usually lost after the first one or two hits

Standard golf balls

Have minor imperfections, marks, and blemishes

Vary in shine and colour

Good playable condition

Many consider this the best value for the price

Practice golf balls

Have discolouration, scuffs, minor cuts, and marks on the surface

Only suitable for practice, not competitive games

Major advantage is the low price

Remove any balls with deep cuts and throw them away. Unfortunately, you cannot clean these to make them unusable.

How to Buy Recycled Golf Balls and Equipment on eBay

Used golf balls are easy to clean, grade, and recycle. You can purchase recycled golf balls or the materials to recycle them on eBay. When looking to purchase recycled golf balls, pay attention to the different grades to obtain the level you need.

eBay has a number of good deals on sports equipment, such as recycled golf balls or clubs. The easiest way to find them is with eBay's search box, conveniently located on each page. Using general search terms like golf accessories returns a number of interesting possibilities available for purchase from eBay's authorised sellers. The site's advanced search feature results in targeted listings that are even more specific.

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