How to Recycle Mirror Glass

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How to Recycle Mirror Glass

Many people spend countless hours and amounts of money to decorate their home. Mirrors are one decorative element found in almost any home. Mirrors are both practical and stylish. They can be found in bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms. They come in various styles and sizes and can work in any space. However, the glass in a mirror can break and styles can change. Disposal of mirror glass, whether broken or intact, can be tricky as it cannot be put into a garbage or recycling bin. Unfortunately, recycling of mirror glass is not possible due to the coating on the back; however, there are options for disposing or repurposing the mirror safely.

Donate or Pick up Services

A great option for removing an old mirror from the home is to donate it. There are many organisations and groups that accept mirrors of any size for donation. These groups then refinish and clean up the mirrors and sell them at a low discount price or donate them to people in need. These donations can be tax deductible if the organisation qualifies. Another option is to call a home improvement company that installs mirrors, or a glass installing company, to see if they are able to pick up the mirror for proper disposal or reuse. Some may charge a small fee. Placing the mirror for sale or for free pick up on a local garage sale site is another great option.

How to Dispose of a Mirror Safely

No matter what size, mirrors need proper safe disposal. Whether broken or in one piece, there is specific steps that can be taken in order to ensure this is done safely.



Whole Mirror

Using strong tape, make a large "X" across the mirror. This prevents pieces of the mirror from falling off should it be broken during transit. Securely wrap the mirror in either an old blanket or bubble wrap

Tape the bubble wrap or blanket to be sure it is secure. On a piece of paper, write "Glass" or "Mirror" and "For Solid Waste Only". Tape the piece of paper to the wrapping. Place the mirror out with the garbage pickup ensuring that the sign is visible

Broken Mirror

To ensure that there are no injuries, be sure to wear safety goggles and gloves. Being very careful, slowly place the pieces of broken glass into a trash bag

Place that trash bag into another heavy-duty trash bag. Some waste removal companies require trash bags full of broken glass to also be put into a cardboard box

Phone the waste collection company to see if this is a requirement. Label the box or bag with "Broken Glass"

It is important to follow all the appropriate steps when disposing of glass mirrors whether in one piece or broken in any form.

Repurposing Mirror Glass

If a mirror is broken, there are many ways to repurpose the broken glass. Always be sure that when handling broken glass to wear gloves for safety. Broken glass is perfect for making something plain, such as a blank picture frame or table top into something unique by using the pieces of broken glass into a unique mosaic design. Broken glass pieces can also be put to good use by making the pieces into a unique backsplash for a kitchen or bathroom. Using any size of a small container, broken glass pieces can make a wonderful compact mirror. Simply use adhesive to place the piece of broken mirror glass into the container and then decorate the outside.

How to Buy Mirror Glass on eBay

There are great deals on eBay for someone looking to purchase a mirror. By entering in the terms for which one is searching within the bar found on any page within eBay, users can find a wide array of options. To narrow down a search, type in terms that are more specific. Clicking on pictures of the items shows all the necessary product information. The Home Decor section of eBay deals also has many great options.

When redecorating or renovating a home, it is important to be sure to dispose of or repurpose the old mirrors in the home whether broken or in one piece. One person's trash can be another person's treasure and it also helps to preserve our planet since the glass is not biodegradable.

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