How to Recycle Plastic Bottles

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How to Recycle Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles play an important role in the daily life of the majority of people. They have become a popular replacement for glass bottles in the recent decades mostly because they do not break down easily and they are lighter. The downside of using plastic bottles is that they can harm the environment if consumers do not dispose of them properly. In addition to that, producing plastic bottles is a process that requires a lot of energy and resources. By choosing to recycle plastic bottles, consumers can contribute to a cleaner and less polluted environment. People can recycle plastic bottles in different ways; learning more about them can make the process easier.

Types of Plastic Bottles

Plastic is one of the most useful materials of modern times, but its ever-growing popularity has gradually transformed into a problem. According to Recycle Now, people currently use 20 times more plastic than they did 50 years ago. Reusing the same bottles repeatedly and recycling plastic bottles as many times as possible contributes to the health of the environment. Recycling companies sort out plastic bottles according to the type of plastic. Some companies accept all types of plastic bottles for recycling, whereas others only accept certain types.

Type of Plastic

Made From


Number on Bottom of Bottle

PET plastic bottles

Polyethylene terephthalate

Durable, clear plastic

Suitable for juice, soft drinks, sports drinks, water, and milk


HDPE plastic bottles

High-density polyethylene

Ideal for liquids that spoil easily, such as milk or fresh fruit juice

Suitable for bleach and other household chemicals


PVC plastic bottles

Polyvinyl chloride

Flexible plastic that expands or contracts without cracking


LDPE plastic bottles

Low-density polyethylene

Suitable for squeezable condiment bottle


Different types of plastic require different recycling techniques. Moreover, some types of plastic bottles are easier to recycle than others. PET plastic bottles are the most common ones and also the easiest one to recycle.

Tips for Recycling Plastic Bottles

Recycling plastic bottles that people use in the household is very easy. Consumers can simply choose to use one of the drop-off centres that exist in most areas. Another option is to drop off the empty plastic bottles at grocery store drop bins. Since not all drop-off centres accept all types of plastic, consumers should make sure they have a look at the number on the base of the bottles. When in doubt, one can call the local public work departments or a nearby recycling centre for help.

Preparing the Plastic Bottles for Recycling

Before dropping off plastic bottles at a recycling centre, consumers should make sure they empty the bottles completely and rinse them out. By doing so, one can avoid the remaining fluid getting smelly in storage. Consumers should remove the caps and any glued labels before recycling plastic bottles. Some recycling centres offer cash incentives for recycling plastic bottles, so it may be worth getting informed about the policy of a couple of local centres before picking one.

What Happens with Recycled Plastic Bottles

In most cases, the material resulted from recycling plastic bottle does not serve as raw material for making new bottles. The bottles people drop-off at recycling centres end up at reclaimers who process them into new material. They sort the bottles once again, tear them to pieces, and then transform them into something completely different. By using bale breakers, they rip the bottles to little shreds, which they then transform into pellets. These pellets are the end material from recycling bottles and manufacturers can use them for a large number of purposes, ranging from the auto industry to the fashion industry.

How to Buy Plastic Bottles on eBay

Plastic bottles have numerous domestic and commercial uses and if you are looking to purchase them individually or inbulk, you can easily do so oneBay. On the website, you can find plastic bottles in all sizes and colours and get good deals when buying in bulk. To find the product you are looking for, type the words 'plastic bottle' into eBay's search bar. You can refine the results you get by price, type of bottle, size, colour, or location of the seller.

Recycling plastic bottles has numerous benefits, including conserving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and saving the landfills. By recycling plastic as much as possible, consumers make it possible for manufacturers to use that recycled materials as a resource.

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