How to Recycle Yard Waste

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How to Recycle Yard Waste

Recycling yard waste, or composting, is one of the easiest ways to reuse grass clippings, leaves, and any pulled-out plants. Creating a compost pile from all this yard waste provides homeowners with a rich organic material they can use to fortify the soil in their garden. Moreover, composting yard waste is good for the environment and it can prevent pollution by cleaning up contaminated soil. Recycling yard waste is not a difficult process and all one needs to do so is a compost bin. Learning more about different types of compost bins and how to use them effectively can make the recycling process even easier.

Benefits of Recycling Yard Waste

Recycling yard waste is one of the best things people can do for their garden. Not only is the resulting compost rich in nutrients for the soil, but recycling yard waste is also a green activity that keeps tons of waste out of the municipal collection. Some of the green benefits of composting include a reduction in carbon emission, fuel savings, improvement of the soil, reduction of methane emissions, and a reduction in the need for watering as compost helps retain moisture in the soil.

Types of Compost Bins

To start recycling yard waste, one needs a options available, each of which being suitable for different situations. Choosing the correct compost bin for a certain yard can take some time and buyers should analyse the pros and cons of different types before making a purchase.

Type of Compost Bin



Easy to roll around the year

Comes in different styles and sizes

Stationary Bin

Sits in a single place at all times

Wood or concrete-block bin

Open Bin

Recycled-plastic or shipping-pallets bin


Compost may become too wet or too dry depending on climate

Closed Bin

Keeps the compost away from the elements

Retains moisture

Comes in various shapes

More expensive than open bins

Green Cone

Mostly for recycling food scraps

Not suitable for useable finished compost

Multi-Bin System

Can have two or three bins

Suitable for those who want to separate composted elements

Homeowners can purchase a compost bin from a home and garden specialised store or online on eBay, or they can choose to build it themselves from wooden pallets or concrete blocks. Before purchasing a compost bin, buyers should consider the container size, the type of green material they wish to recycle, as well as the level of moisture and heat in their area.

How to Use a Compost Bin to Recycle Yard Waste

In order for the plant material to decompose, it needs soil, water, oxygen, and nitrogen. The microorganisms in the soil decompose the vegetable materials and the nitrogen allows for protein synthesis and speeds up the decomposition process. Most green residues from the yard are suitable for composting; however, some things do not belong in a compost bin. These include meat scraps, pet faeces, bones or any animal remain, twigs, branches, or yard clippings that come from a garden that uses chemical treatments. Grass clippings, non-woody plant trimmings, leaves, and straw are all suitable for composting.

Adding Organic Waste and Fertiliser in Layers

When composting clippings, consumers should make sure they mix it with other types of yard waste in order to avoid the restriction of the airflow. One can also choose to add eggshells, sawdust, coffee grounds, and vegetable scraps to the compost mixture when recycling yard waste. When starting a compost pile, homeowners should add materials in layers in order to ensure proper mixing. As a rule of thumb, coarser materials decompose faster in the bottom layer, which should be moist, but not too soggy. One should not add fertilisers that contain any type of pesticide or herbicide into the compost pile, but using a thin layer of nitrogen fertiliser or livestock manure may speed up the decomposing process.

How to Buy a Compost Bin on eBay

Once you have decided which type of compost bin is ideal for yourrecycling needs, it is time to shop for it on eBay. Simply type the name of the compost bin you intend to purchase into the search bar you can find on each page of the website. Browse through the results until you find a good match, and remember to pay attention to the deals available from various sellers on eBay.

Recycling yard waste is an environmental friendly process that rewards garden owners with healthy organic material for their garden. By composting yard waste regularly, you can keep your yard clean and the soil in good shape at all times.

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