How to Recycle Your Phone

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How to Recycle Your Phone

Before tossing an old cell phone into a recycle bin at the phone shop, consider refurbishing it for a donation to another family member, charity, or military member. Old phones can receive a new lease on life with minor refurbishing that owners can undertake with some DIY skills and a bit of knowledge. Some phones benefit from a good cleaning and a new screen, while others need replacement of a few minor inner workings. Owners can purchase replacement parts for many phones, or they can salvage parts from a matching model. Purchasing replacement parts at a local store or online at eBay or the deals in Electronics is a good way to begin the process of recycling a phone.

Cleaning the Phone

Owners who want to clean their phones should remember that liquids and phones do not mix. In addition, window cleaners are not compatible with phone screens as they contain chemicals that may damage plastic.Isopropyl alcohol or spectacle lens cleaners work well when owners spray them on a cleaning cloth and gently wipe the phone with them. Be sure to rub gently to clean, do not scrub hard.

Installing Replacement Parts to Recycle Your Phone

Owners can find replacement parts for most popular brands of cellular phones. Before purchasing new batteries, antennas, keys, screens, or cases, be sure to have the brand, model number, and year on hand.

Salvaging Phone Parts

It may be possible to purchase a phone of the same year and model to salvage parts. Be sure to verify that the problem with the salvaged phone is not the same problem in the phone being recycled. Owners can open phones and swap out parts with a few tools, including, amini-screwdriver set or a Torx screwdriver set.

Open the Phone

Open the battery door and remove the battery. Check for any leaks, deep scratches, or warping of the battery. If the battery is not in good condition, set it aside for proper disposal.

Remove the Screws

Look for any screws and remove them using a mini-screwdriver. Sometimes manufacturers put decals over screws, so peel decals away and look for screws. Once you have removed all of the screws, physically separate the housing. The best way to do this is to apply firm pressure around the sides of the phone.

Remove and Install New Parts

Identify the parts you need to replace and remove them gently. Then, open the spare parts phone and remove the parts you need and put them in the phone you are recycling. Be sure to use the original screws when replacing phone parts. Reinstall the housing of the refurbished phone. Test the phone by using the new buttons, screen, or antenna to make a phone call or text.

Replacing a Battery

Over time, phone batteries do wear out and not charge as well. Open the battery case and remove the battery. Sometimes owners use a screwdriver or a paper clip to pry out the battery. Check the battery for warping or leakage. If there is leakage, clean the battery housing area with soft cloth or jeweller's cloth until you remove all signs of leakage. Replace the battery with a new one.

How to Recycle a Phone

Cellular phones and landline phones contain parts that do not degrade and owners need to dispose of them in a certified electronic disposal system. Rules for cellular dealers require them to provide disposal services to the public at their place of business and accept all phones. If a cellular dealer is not available locally, contact the local government office and request the addresses of certified electronic disposal companies in the area.

Battery Disposal

Batteries of all types, including cellular phones and electronic batteries, leak over time. The acids in the battery and the battery casing can damage the environment and owners should not put them in them in the dust bin. Mobile phone dealers also accept batteries as do local councils.

How to Buy Phone Replacement Parts on eBay

Shoppers can find used phones, new screens, and replacement batteries by going to any eBay web page and searching for the part using the Search box.. In the box, you can type in keywords for the item you need to fix the phone. Keywords to try include "cellular phone antenna" or " cell phone battery".

Before tossing an old phone away, consider either refurbishing it or donating it to a worthy cause. Refurbishing an old phone can make it look and perform like new. Whether it is a scratched screen, broken antenna, or the need for a new battery, doing the replacement at home can save time, money, and the environment, while giving an old phone a new look.

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