How to Remove Scratches From a Dining Table

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How to Remove Scratches From a Dining Table

Scratches in wood or glass dining tables can mar their appearance. Fortunately, there are ways to remove or disguise these scratches. However, it takes different tools and materials to remove scratches from various surfaces. A wood table with a waxed finish will require different tools and techniques than one with a polyurethane finish. Glass table scratches also need their own method of removal, unlike that of wood furniture. Fixing wood or glass scratches from dining tables can return the furniture back to its original splendour.


Remove Scratches From Wood Dining Tables With a Wax Finish

Wipe any dust or crumbs from the scratch on the wood dining table with a lint-free cloth. For a light scratch, match the dining table wood to a wood paste. Fill the scratch with the wood paste, pushing the paste into the space to remove any air bubbles. This should keep the paste from settling, otherwise, the affected area may have a bowled-in appearance. Wipe away any excess wood paste by guiding the edge of a ruler over the top. This prevents any removal of wood paste from inside the scratch. Allow the paste to harden overnight, then spray the dining table with a polishing spray and buff to a high sheen.


Disguise a Scrape Mark From a Wood Dining Table With Coffee Grounds

Remove a slight abrasion with no penetration from a dark wood surface by applying used coffee grounds. Allow the coffee grounds to cool, and then apply a teaspoon to the affected area. Rub the coffee grounds into the scuff mark. Let the coffee grounds sit on the scrape for two hours. Wipe the coffee grounds from the wood table with a cloth. This should disguise the scrape, matching the area to the rest of the dark wood.


Remove Scratches from Wood Dining Tables with a Polyurethane Finish

In cases where scratches occur on a polyurethane finish, the entire surface will require refinishing. While this may seem like a difficult procedure, it actually isn’t. Rub the table gently with 320-grit sandpaper. Use circular motions to remove the polyurethane from the surface. Use higher grit sandpaper, like 400, to sand down the scratch. Use tight circular movements, but be careful not to sand too deep; use only enough pressure to smooth out the scratch mark. Wet a cloth with mineral oil and wipe it over the surface to remove all the powder generated from the sanding. Apply a stain finish to the surface. After the stain finish has dried completely, apply the polyurethane coating with a paintbrush. Use long strokes to apply the final coat to the dining table.


Remove Scratches from Glass Top Dining Tables

Eliminate surface scratches on glass top dining tables with jeweller’s rouge. Jeweller’s rouge contains enough abrasion power to remove scratches yet not damage the glass surface. Apply a generous amount of jeweller’s rouge to the scratch. Rub the area with a lamb’s wool cloth. Rub for 30 seconds, and then check the abrasion. Add more jeweller’s rouge should it dry out while rubbing. Continue to rub moderately and check the scratch every 30 seconds. For deeper scratches, use an electric buffer. Apply a teaspoon of the jeweller’s rouge to the scratch mark. Set the buffer to medium and apply it moderately to the affected area on the glass top. Avoid pressing the buffer too hard against the glass as the friction causes heat to build and could crack the tabletop. Continue to inspect the scratch, adding more jewellers’ rouge as needed. Clean the tabletop with a glass cleaner and lint-free cloth when finished.


How to Buy Dining Tables and Tools to Fix Scratches on eBay

On the eBay homepage, click on Home and Garden. From there, click the furniture link. Refine the results by clicking on dining tables on the left hand column or by typing in specific items to remove scratches in the search box. Jeweller’s rouge, buffers, polyurethane, sandpaper, and wood stains can all be found and purchased on the eBay website. A wide selection of wood and glass top dining tables are also featured for those who want a fresh new look.



While it may be disheartening to find scratches on a dining room table, the ability to remove them is simpler than many people know. No longer does a person have to put up with a dining table that appears worn out and tired looking from too many abrasions. By using the right products and applying them correctly, scratch marks will become a thing of the past.

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