How to Repair Alloy Wheels

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How to Repair Alloy Wheels

Whether a car came with alloy wheels as part of the standard configuration or the owner chose to fit them as an upgrade to enhance to look and performance of the vehicle, maintaining alloy wheels is important for retaining the value of the car. Alloy wheels are susceptible to damage, often through impact. Badly damaged alloy wheels often require the intervention of a specialist to ensure professional results. However, car owners can often repair lightly damaged alloy wheels on their own, with the help of an alloy repairing kit. Learning about how to repair alloy wheels and maintain them in good shape can help car owners have impeccable wheels on their vehicles all the time.

Dealing with Common Alloy Wheels Problems

From minor scratches from careless parking to dents that change the shape of the rim, multiple kinds of damages can occur when it comes to alloy wheels. Car owners can correct some of these on their own, whereas for others they may need the help of a mechanic.

Type of Damage

Course of Action

Minor scratches

DIY repair using sandpaper and spot putty


DIY repair using alloy wheel spray paint

Severe scratches

Specialised repair

Dents that alter the shape of the rim

Specialised repair

Cracks on the side

Specialised repair

Minor scratches are perhaps the most common problem that car owners encounter with their alloy wheels. These damages are mostly due to scratches the wheel takes from parking mistakes or pebbles and stones when driving fast. When the wheels graze against a hard object, more severe damage occurs. Dents that cause an alteration in the shape of the rims may be dangerous and need immediate attention by a specialist.

Repairing or Replacing Alloy Wheels?

The decision to repair or replace alloy wheels largely depends on the nature and severity of damage. Most minor types of damage do not require a replacement and car owners can repair them either on their own or with the help of a mechanic. Repairing allows users to save money, but there are times when the damage is too great and replacing is the only option for ensuring the safety of driving. For example, when the sides of the alloy wheel have severe cracks on the side, they definitely need replacement.

Materials Needed for Repairing Alloy Wheels

The materials that the owner requires for repairing alloy wheels depend on the type of damage. For minor scratches, one needs a bucket and sponge, washing up liquid, sandpaper, filler, and microfiber cloths. Alternatively, the car owner may choose to purchase an alloy wheel repair kit that comes with everything that one may need for taking care of the scratches and discoloration of alloy wheels.

Repairing Alloy Wheels

The first and one of the most important things to do before repairing alloy wheels is cleaning the surface thoroughly. First, the car owner should use a lint-free cloth and scrub the wheel with washing detergent. The car owner should use paint thinner to clean the area around the scratch. There is no need to clean off the wax or polish in a large area around the scratch but only the area in the immediate vicinity.

Sanding and Applying Spot Putty

Next, the car owner should sand the area with sandpaper and then wipe some putty on the cleaned area in the immediate vicinity to the scratch. The car owner should repeat the process of sanding and applying putty until the area looks and feels smooth.

Painting the Alloy Wheels

After drying the area thoroughly, it is time to put on the paint. Various types of alloy spray paint come with various instructions, so it is important to read them carefully before proceeding. Users should only apply a fine coat of paint. Using a final polish as topcoat is optional, but it adds a touch of shine to the final job, which ensures professional results.

How to Buy Alloy Wheels Repair Kits on eBay

Buying an alloy wheel repair kit is easy on eBay. Whether you are looking for an alloy wheel refurbishment kit or some alloy wheel spray paint, you can find them with a couple of clicks on eBay. Simply type the name of the item you are looking for into the search bar on every page of the website and browse through the results.

Repairing lightly damaged alloy wheels is easy and it should take little time even for an inexperienced user. With the help of an alloy wheel repair kit, anyone can make the wheels of his or her vehicle look like new.

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