How to Repair Aluminium Boats

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How to Repair Aluminium Boats

Commonly used for fishing, paddling, and other water recreation, aluminium boats feature a lightweight hull and transport to and from the pond or lake easily. With regular use, rough treatment, or exposure to the elements, damage such as rusting and denting can cause these boats to lose their flotation ability and attractiveness until owners take the time to repair them. Armed with a bit of knowhow as well as a few simple tools and repair materials from the local hardware store or online at eBay, owners can repair an aluminium boat in the span of a free afternoon or weekend.

Examining the Integrity of the Aluminium Boat

Before undertaking any repairs, take a few minutes to examine the inside and underside of the aluminium boat from bow to stern. Check for dents and dings as well as small holes that have the potential to turn big and serious and eventually sink the boat.

Aluminium Boat Repair Tools and Materials

Owners can assemble aluminium boat repair tools and materials to make quick work of the job and avoid having to repeat the processes later.

Tools and Materials


J-B Weld kit

Fills in holes, providing a watertight seal

Wet sandpaper

Smooth the boat's surface

Degreaser cleaner

Removes dirt, debris, and oil

Water hose

Rinses the boat and cleaners

Rubber mallet

Pounds out dents and dings

Aluminium boat paint

Provides a polished look after repairs

If owners choose not to use the J-B Weld branded epoxy repair material, they can choose one with a similar purpose that works seamlessly on aluminium to provide a watertight seal.

How to Repair Aluminium Boats

Before starting any of the repairs, spread out a large piece of plastic sheeting to protect not only the floor of the work surface, but also the boat itself from paint transfer.

Removing Minor Dents and Dings

A common problem from running up on a pebbly shore or making contact with water creatures, dents prove unsightly and can lead to holes if not repaired. To begin this repair, turn the aluminium boat so that the hull faces upward and tilt the craft slightly so that the side with the damage raises slightly. Use pieces of wood, if desired, to support the boat so as not to cause arm fatigue or back strain.

Strike the raised part of the dent firmly with a rubber mallet. After two to three strikes, check the underside of the dent to make sure the strikes are smoothing out the indentation, as this makes the boat look more attractive and less likely to become deformed or split.

Filling Holes

Several methods exist for filling holes in aluminium watercraft, but the easiest way is to use a liquid epoxy welding material for a dependable hold that lasts. To begin, clean the surface of the boat using a degreaser detergent and water and allow the surface to mostly dry before roughing it up with the wet sandpaper to provide a roughened surface for the application of the liquid epoxy.

On the provided mixing surface or in a small plastic bowl, mix equal parts of the welding material and accompanying activator to form a smooth, spreadable paste. Using the included spreading tool or a plastic spatula, spread the blended material to cover the hole, repeating the process on the inside of the hull if the hole reaches all the way through. Allow this compound to dry for a minimum of 15 hours before moving the boat or using finishing touches to make the craft ready for the water.

Finishing Touches

Many boat owners choose to leave the boat as-is, but some choose to go the extra step and paint the hull of the boat to camouflage any repairs. Using a wide brush and aluminium- and water-safe paint, paint the hull any colour desired.

How to Buy Aluminium Boat Repair Materials on eBay

Whether you need a rubber mallet or repair compound, you can find any tool or material you need to repair your aluminium boat on eBay. Each day, thousands of individual sellers, eBay Store owners, and deals for Outdoor and Travel listings go up for these items. To find the materials you need, use specific keywords in the eBay Search bar such as "boat repair materials".

Owners of aluminium boats have many options for where they can use their boats, but keeping them in tip-top shape ensures they look good and continue to float. After freeing the aluminium boat from its dents and dings, you can enjoy the water instead of worrying about the water sinking your recreational craft.

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