How to Repair Ceiling Cracks

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How to Repair Ceiling Cracks

There will come a time when repairs will be needed in every home. Like everything else homes just don’t stay new forever. Home or garden repair can include any part of the home and often includes work on the ceiling. However, many homeowners don’t think much about the ceiling until it leaks or cracks become noticeable.

Why Ceiling Cracks Should Be Repaired

Ceilings are made up of plaster to strengthen and lengthen the structure and foundation. The ceiling of a house or building needs to be firm to prevent leaks and cracks, but many times ceiling damage is associated with roof damage. The roof sustains a great deal of damage for the simple fact that it is located on the outside of the house and exposed to the weather, animals, and other external problems.

Determining How Bad the Problem Might Be

When the roof sustains damage and is not fixed, it can cause cracks in the ceiling. Many times the roof will need to be repaired to prevent additional cracks and problems to the ceiling. Roofs have cells and when these cells become damaged the result will eventually show up on the ceiling. The first thing that needs to be decided when repairing ceiling cracks is if the roof needs to be repaired or even replaced. Serious ceiling cracks can also point to a foundation problem in the house, which can be very costly to fix.
Despite the fact that ceiling cracks can mean serious problems, ceiling cracks can be a perfectly normal occurrence in the maturing of a house. When a house or building starts to settle, the walls and the ceiling can shift slightly and cause minor cracks.
Humidity in the house and roof can cause cracks to occur. Unlike major cracks, serious foundation problems, or roof repair, these minor cracks can be easily repaired by the homeowner and will not need the assistance of a professional.
Repairing minor ceiling cracks is done to make the ceiling look better rather than to address a serious problem. There are several steps to take when repairing ceiling cracks.

Materials Needed

  • Safety goggles

  • Four, eight, and 10-inch putty and utility knives

  • Drywall primer

  • Fibreglass mesh drywall tape

  • All-purpose joint compound

  • Paint roller or hand sprayer

  • Paint


How to Repair Ceiling Cracks

  • Safety glasses should be purchased to protect eyes. Even though this is a minor repair task, eyes should be protected at all times from fragments falling from the ceiling.

  • Mix powder compound (drywall material) with water in a container to create a thick substance.

  • Place a ladder right below the cracks for easy reach.

  • With a utility knife, cut into the sides of the cracks to create a smooth and even V-shape. Scrape off any dust or debris from the crack.

  • With a putty knife, spread the compound directly inside the crack and fill the crack completely and evenly with the compound. Smooth out the excess compound throughout the ceiling in a paper-thin layer around the crack to give it an even appearance.

  • Let the compound dry for at least 24 hours. Let the compound dry on its own.

  • Once the compound has dried, scrape over it with the putty knife to remove any bumps and make the area even. With a nice-sized strip of fiberglass tape, tape over the crack.

  • Apply a second thin layer of compound over the tape. Spread out the compound a few inches to cover up any bumps caused by the patch of tape.

  • Leave the area to dry.

  • After it has dried, sandpaper the area. But avoid sanding it down to the taped area.

  • The final step is to prime and paint the area the same color of the rest of the ceiling.

Don’t worry if the texture doesn’t match after the first repair, it can be redone before the compound dries. Start the process over again to accomplish the desired texture. If the cracks are caused by water, be sure to let the drywall dry out before repairing cracks. To make a stronger compound, use hot mud to create a harder finish. However, since it gets very hard it is important to have some experience with drywall.

How to Buy Ceiling Crack Repair Items on eBay

Repairing minor cracks can be a do-it-yourself task accomplished without hiring a professional contractor. As mentioned before, there are several materials and tools needed before one engages in this household repair. These items can be purchased on eBay. To find supplies needed for repairing ceiling cracks, go to the Building Materials, DIY section under Home & Garden. From there buyers can do a keyword search for the desired item; for example, “putty knife” or “safety goggles”.
There may also be a ceiling crack repair manual or kit available on eBay available to those that need a guide. When purchasing paint on eBay, be sure to know the exact color of the paint on the ceiling to avoid having a two-tone ceiling. When purchasing items online, it’s important to deal with reputable sellers and those that provide some form of guarantee, either a refund, warranty, or exchange.


Making minor ceiling repairs can be a DIY job. After ruling out roof or foundational damage, homeowners can easily tackle minor ceiling cracks. Everything needed for this task can be found on eBay, saving both time and money.

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