How to Repair Chemically Damaged Hair

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How to Repair Chemically Damaged Hair

While dying, bleaching, and even frequently washing hair are all very fashionable, they expose the hair to a number of harsh chemicals. While chemicals create specific results such as a lighter colour, or brighter colours, they strip the hair of nutrients, eventually leaving it lackluster and brittle. Chemically damaged hair is a very common problem, but fortunately, a reversible one. Anyone with chemically damaged hair can start out by avoiding harmful products and hopefully purchasing better ones. Healthy hair products are available on online sites like eBay, as well as some brick and mortar stores, although it is important to choose carefully in either case.

What is Damaged Hair?

Chemically damaged hair is essentially hair that is lacking moisture. Because most chemicals strip essential nutrients from hair, they also strip away moisture. The result is dryer, brittle hair that lacks the luster and flexibility of healthy hair. Very damaged hair is also a great deal thinner than healthy hair. Most people should assess the damage done to their hair before getting started, as heavily damaged hair requires more care than slightly damaged hair. Typically, the thinner and more brittle the hair, the worse the damage is.

Avoiding Harmful Chemicals

The first step to repairing chemically damaged hair is stop using harmful chemicals. In most cases, this means avoiding hair dye, bleaches, and harsh shampoos and conditioners. Most trichologists recommend avoiding silicone-heavy conditioners. While these conditioners do make hair appear healthier, they also load it up with heavy silicone that may prevent it from recovering as quickly as it could.

Hair Treatments

The main goal of repairing damaged hair is to increase the moisture in the hair, but unfortunately this can take time. Most people can achieve the results they want within a few weeks to a few months' time depending on the original condition of their hair. Hair treatments with oil, natural ingredients, and keratin are considered to be the best options.


Moisturising damaged hair is the most important part of getting it back to its normal healthy appearance. Some people choose to purchase hair masks and moisturisers for the purpose, while others choose to utilise home ingredients such as eggs, oatmeal, and yogurt. Any of these products works for moisturising as long as people use them regularly.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Another thing people should consider about repairing hair is that it is important to avoid harsh chemicals and cleaners and instead go with delicate shampoos and conditioners. Most hair specialists recommend avoiding washing hair more often than three to four times per week. It is also a good idea to skip very chemical shampoos such as those that add volume and body, and some anti-dandruff or anti-split-end cleaners. Products with keratin, protein, and vitamin E are ideal for repairing hair.

Healthier Alternatives

While there are plenty of hair products to avoid, there are also plenty of products to look for. In addition, there are many healthier alternatives to using chemicals that damage hair. Buyers can look for 'all natural' and '100 per cent organic' products instead of those that simply list healthy ingredients.





Hair dye


Dyes hair

Offers limited colors


Lemon juice

Lightens hair

Works more slowly and less obviously than bleach

Anti-dandruff shampoo

Witch h azel


Aloe v era

Reduces dandruff and heals skin

Works slowly and over time

Heat protection

Shea b utter

Olive oil

Helps moisturise and protect hair

Messy application


Olive oil

Shea butter

Sunflower oil


Aloe vera

Moisturises hair

Messy application

It is important to keep in mind that alternatives to chemicals do not have the exact same effect as chemicals. Most take longer to take effect, have less visible results, and are often messy to apply. Some, like henna, present problems of their own if the user is allergic. For this reason, it is always important to do a skin patch test before the first application of any new product.

How to Buy Healthy Hair Products on eBay

eBay is a great place to shop for healthy hair products, simply because of the site's large supply, many sellers, and frequent deals and sales. Utilise the easy-to-use search function to find specific products, or products with specific ingredients, in order to quickly and easily locate the items you want. In addition,


makes it easy to find and purchase the best


available, because it allows buyers to compare products. Because there are many healthy hair products to help repair chemically damaged hair, choosing one is up to your budget, preference, and hair type. Buying and using the right products and healthy alternatives can help you repair chemically damaged hair.

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