How to Repair Damaged Hair, Naturally

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How to Repair Damaged Hair, Naturally to Repair Damaged Hair, Naturally Many women want strong, silky hair, but it can take a lot of work to get. A lot of products on the market can cause hair damage, including styling products and salon treatments. In order to naturally repair hair, a woman should stop using hair products that have chemicals and switch to natural products. A woman can also make a number of other changes to repair damage, such as not washing hair as frequently. By making these changes, a woman can see definite improvements in the health of her hair, although it may take a while for these natural products to start working. Harmful Products A variety of materials can damage hair, so it is important to know what they are. Bleaching or dying is very rough on an individual's hair, and can cause serious problems such as hair loss and breakage. Other chemical processes, including permanent curling and straightening, can also damage hair. This can even be a problem with deep conditioning treatments that are supposed to restore hair because a lot of them have strong chemicals. In addition to chemicals, women should also stop using heat on their hair. Hair dryers can damage hair, so a woman should use them only on the lowest setting. Women should also avoid using hair straighteners and curlers. Use Healthy Products In order to make one's hair healthy and keep it that way, it is important for a woman to switch to natural products. These can be either homemade or commercial products. Rinse A healthy rinse can help remove buildup from hair. It is possible to purchase a natural clarifying shampoo or throw together a rinse with materials on hand, such as baking soda or vinegar mixed with water. It is a good idea to repeat this kind of rinse once a month to clean off any materials that have built up. Shampoo and Conditioner If a woman is using shampoo or conditioner that have chemicals, it is a good idea to switch these out for natural shampoos and conditioners. A consumer should look for sulphate-free shampoo, which has herbs and natural oils. Shampoos and conditioners that have laureth sulphates and sodium laurel can strip the hair of its natural oils. Styling Products A consumer may also want to consider replacing her current styling products with natural ones. It is possible to find natural hairsprays, mousses, and gels at health stores, but one can also use some homemade versions as well. Citrus fruits act as a hairspray substitute, and one can combine water and gelatin to make hair gel. A woman can use natural oils, such as olive oil, as treatments to add back some of the natural oils that have been stripped from one's hair. A woman can massage oil into her hair and let it sit for about fifteen minutes before washing it out. Other Changes A woman can also make a number of easy changes to help repair her hair and keep it healthy. One simple solution is for a woman to not wash her hair too often. Washing hair every day can actually cause more damage because it strips it of its natural oils and dries it out. It is better to wash it two or three days a week, and a woman should consider using dry shampoo or baking soda on the roots to deal with too much oil. Chlorine is very damaging, so one should always use a cap when swimming. Not only is too much sun bad for one's skin, it is also bad for one's hair. Sunlight can brittle ends, so it is a good idea to wear a scarf or hat if a woman is out in the sun all day. One of the most important things for healthy hair is to eat properly and exercise regularly. Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in salmon, flax seeds, and walnuts, are great for the skin and hair. Finally, it is also important to get a trim regularly because hair tends to be more damaged towards the tips. How to Buy Hair Care Products on eBay If you are looking for natural hair care products, check out the options available on eBay. One of the easiest ways to start shopping is with a keyword search. Just type phrases, such as "natural shampoo" into the search box. If you are unsure about trying new products, check out what other buyers have said in their feedback. Repairing hair damage can take time, but it can be done naturally. A woman can make some simple changes first by switching away from products that contain chemicals. She can then start using natural products that are going to improve the health of her hair.
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