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How to Repair Damaged Nails

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How to Repair Damaged Nails

Biting nails or exposing them to harsh chemicals can also damage the nails. In addition, artificial nails often damage the nail underneath, leaving the natural nail thin, weak, and prone to peeling. With the right nail care products, it is possible to harden and give nails a healthy look even while they are still recovering after a gel manicure. Learning about different ways to repair nails and encourage normal growth enables women to repair their nails faster and prevent nail funguses that start when nails are weak. Nail products for repairing damaged nails are available in salons and through reputable sites like eBay.

Wear Gloves for Washing

Nails get weaker when exposed to water for long periods. This is because water dissolves the special adhesive cells that harden the nail. As the nail gets softer, it is also prone to drying out. Dryness is the main cause for splitting and peeling nails. To prevent overexposure to water and harsh detergents, one should always wear gloves when washing dishes.

Take Care of Cuticles

The cuticle protects the nail base where nail growth begins. A damaged cuticle means the nail is prone to infection at the base. Use a cuticle cream like Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme to keep the cuticle soft and moisturised. Never cut the cuticle, as this increases the likelihood of a bacterial or fungal infection. Instead, push the cuticle back gently with an orange stick to make the nail look longer. Cuticles and nails also dry out from frequent acetone application. Use nail polish removers that are acetone-free or simply avoid removing nail polish more than once every couple of weeks.

Get Enough Vitamins

Supplementing the diet with vitamins for nail growth is certainly beneficial. Nails need quite a few vitamins to grow well. The table below gives some of the nutrients that are essential for good nail growth, as well as some of the best natural sources for these.



Vitamin E







Whole grains


Red meat



Dairy products


B Complex

Whole grains




Brewer's yeast







Swiss chard





While proteins are also important for nail growth, too much protein inhibits calcium absorption, which is also necessary for healthy nails, so the key is a varied and balanced diet. Many nail products contain biotin or vitamin E and these may be effective in supplying the necessary nutrients to the nails.

Use Nail Strengtheners

Many nail products are available to harden nails and strengthen them. These not only help heal the nail but also protect it and make it look healthy. There are two basic types of nail strengtheners. These are nail hardeners and nail hydrators.

Nail Hardeners

Nail hardeners work either by improving the bonds between the keratin molecules inside the nail or by adding a hard layer on top of the nail to coat it and act like a splint. Cross-linking hardeners often use formaldehyde, which sometimes causes allergies or skin irritation, but there are formaldehyde-free formulas as well. Over time, formaldehyde hardeners cause brittle nails; however, they are a good choice for peeling nails. Use a cross-linking hardener for peeling nails and a reinforcing hardener for cracking nails.

Nail Hydrators

Nail hydrators add necessary oils and moisture to nails to make them more flexible. Flexible nails resist breakage and are therefore stronger. However, hydrators require frequent application to see the effects. In cases of serious nail damage, alternating cross-linking hardeners with nail hydrators is a good idea to have strong shiny nails that stay hydrated.

Use Moisturiser Regularly

A hand and nail cream moisturises the area around the nail and supplements the nail with nutrients to make it flexible and strong. Using a moisturiser is especially important when repairing nails. More specifically, moisturise after washing hands to prevent dryness.

How to Buy Nail Care Products on eBay

Visit eBay to get great deals on nail care products. To find nail strengtheners or hand and nail lotions on eBay, simply enter a term like 'Burt's Bees Cuticle Creme' in the search box on any eBay page. If you do not have a specific brand in mind, use a more general search term like ' cuticle nail care'.

Coaxing the nail back into a pattern of healthy growth is definitely a long-term project; some stylists say it usually takes a year or so. However, that does not mean the nail has to look as damaged as it is. By using the right nail care products, you can restore your nails to a healthy condition.

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