How to Repair Door Hinges

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How to Repair Door Hinges

Manufacturers produce door hinges in a wide variety of decorative and commercial designs. Consumers choose amongmetal, plastic, and wood to match the decor of their home interior or office space. Although door hinges come in a variety of styles, the purpose of each style remains similar. Door hinges secure doors to doorjambs, allowing users to swing doors open and closed. However, door hinges can dislodge from doorjambs and present safety hazards that include the door falling from its previously secured position. Consumers can replace door hinges by shopping on eBay, but first, they should learn about the two primary ways for repairing door hinges.

Repair Steps

Door hinges typically require repair for two reasons: stripped screw holes and faulty hinge pins. Homeowners have to implement two separate repair processes to repair the door hinges or they can consider replacing the hinges.

Stripped Screw Holes

Several factors can contribute to stripped screw holes. The weight of a door can cause screws to grind against the grain of the door's wood. Do-it-yourselfers can detect this phenomenon by finding small areas of minute dust near, or within, the screw holes. In addition, moisture and rusted screws can cause screw holes to expand, and thus, cause screws to twist against the wood grain. Because of the door's weight, homeowners should recruit a helper to ensure door balance.




Gather all required tools to perform the repair job

Place on a drop cloth located next to the door

Standard tools to repair stripped screw holes include Phillips screwdriver, wood dowels, putty knife, wood filler, and fine grade sandpaper

Remove screws

Press door hinge on the door and use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws

Work with partner to hold the door off the ground

Carefully lean the door against the wall

The hinge side of the door should face the ceiling

Measure screw length

Transfer measurement to wood dowel by using a pencil

Place the dowel on a flat work surface, such as on a workbench

The end homeowners plan to cut should hang off the side of the flat surface

Work with partner to secure the end of the dowel to cut it down to the proper size

Handsaw recommended for cutting to ensure accuracy

Insert dowel section

Insert the cut section of dowel into wood glue

Push the glued dowel end into the screw hole until it cannot move any further

Repeat the process to glue the remaining dowels into the damaged screw holes

Mix wood filler

Mix the wood filler with a 1 cm size bead of hardener

Utilise a putty knife to add thin layers of the mixture until all of the gaps in the screw holes fill

Overfill screw holes to compensate for filler shrinkage

Wait about 30 minutes for filler to harden

Sand the filled screw holes to achieve a smooth surface

Reattach door

Work with partner to stabilise the door with the hinge side facing the screw holes

Turn the screws into the refurbished screw holes

The dowels and wood filler should provide enough strength to hold the screws and reattached hinges

Do-it-yourselfers can ensure a successful repair job by taking time before the start of the project to inspect the door hinge and ascertain where the hinge hangs away from the door. With a pencil, they place a mark near each screw hole that requires filler. If several screw holes appear damaged, homeowners should consider attaching the door by drilling new screw holes.

Faulty Hinge Pins

Hinge pins that do not completely insert into hinge barrels eventually dislodge from the doorjamb. The pins fall to the floor and the result is a broken door hinge. Do-it-yourselfers can insert hinge pins by using the force applied by a hammer. Once homeowners detect a missing pin, they need to search the floor area to retrieve the pin. In most cases, the pin retains its sturdy composition and do-it-yourselfers can insert the same pin back into the hinge barrel. With a partner, hold the door and align the pin barrel to match both sides of the hinge. Lightly tap the hinge pin back into the barrel with a hammer. If inserting the pin back into the hinge barrel requires excessive force, homeowners should consider replacing the door hinge.

Replace Door Hinge

With a partner, do-it-yourselfers need to secure the door to remove each of the hinge screws. Then, they remove the hinge from the door and doorjamb. Take the broken hinges to a hardware shop to ensure the new hinges fit on the door and doorjamb. Homeowners should enlist the help of a partner to secure the new hinge against the doorjamb. Attach the new hinges to the doorjamb by working with the same screw holes. Sometimes, homeowners have to create new screw holes and they accomplish that by marking hinge holes on the doorjamb and then drilling the new screw holes. Make sure the new hinges appear similar to the previous hinges that matched the home decor.

How to Buy Door Hinges on eBay

Interior doors include several hardware components that ensure a freely moving way to open and close rooms and office spaces. Perhaps the most important door hardware component typically hides from people as they enter and exit rooms. Door hinges provide the backbone for doors and eventually the hinges require repair to restore optimal functionality. You can repair door hinges by refilling stripped screw holes or inserting pins back into hinge barrels. Some door hinge repair jobs require the purchase of new or used hinges on eBay. Review the customer feedback that eBay compiles on seller candidate pages to find the right door hinge seller that matches your buying criteria.

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