How to Repair High Heels

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How to Repair High Heels

City streets, country lanes, and gravel can wreak havoc on a favourite pair of high heels. The heel may break off from the sole, or snap, leaving two pieces and no way to walk properly. The heel covers on the heel can come off, wear down, or a nail can come through. Nails holding the heel in place can start to loosen, working through to the inner lining. Luckily, high heel owners can fix most of these problems at home with a little ingenuity and a few simple tools. Once owners know how to fix high heels, finding the right items to do so, either at a local store or online at a site like eBay, can keep favoured high heels in service.

Replacing Worn or Missing Heel Caps

It is important to fix both heels on a pair of shoes to keep the wear even. Using pliers, remove the old heel caps on both shoes. Clean the heel to free it of any dirt, debris, or oil. Select the correct size of heel cap to fit the heel properly by measuring the heel bottom and buying heel caps of the right size. Place a drop of shoe glue on the inside of the heel cap and spread it around. Tap the heel cap into place gently with a hammer and allow the cap to bond to the heel for the time recommended in the instructions.

Repairing Broken Heels

Checking high heels regularly can go a long way to preventing extensive shoe repairs. Looking for loose heels and worn heel caps before they turn into major problems is a good way to prevent falling.

Prepare the Heel Area

When a heel breaks, use a file or sandpaper to clean off any old glue on the heel. Clean both the heel and shoe with an old cloth and mild detergent to be sure they are free of oil, dirt, and debris.

Attach the Heel

Gently sand the sole and the heel to roughen the area. Apply shoe adhesive to both pieces and allow to set for the time recommended by the manufacturer, usually at least ten minutes, before putting the pieces together. Carefully align the two pieces and press them together.

Wrap elastic bands or string around the two pieces to apply pressure and allow the glue to bond. Leave the bands wrapped around the heel and sole for the time specified in the manufacturer's directions.

Quick Heel Repairs

Keeping a few items in a plastic bag tucked in a handbag or a desk drawer at work is a good idea for quick high heel repairs. These are temporary fixes, and owners should only use the high heels long enough to get home and repair them properly.

Detached Nailed Heel

When a nailed heel detaches from the sole, owners can use the side of a nail file or an emery board to scrape the old glue from the nails. Once the nails are clean, coat them with nail glue and slide them into the holes in the sole. Hold the two pieces together, applying pressure, until the glue dries.

Detached Glued Heel

If a glued heel comes apart from the sole, owners can use a nail file to scrape the old glue off both pieces and then coat one side with nail glue and hold in place while the glue dries.

Snapped Heel

If the heel snaps into two pieces, owners can sand the pieces to roughen them, and then spread nail glue evenly on one piece. They can then align the two pieces and hold until the glue dries.

Fixing Nails Coming Through the Insole

Owners can fix nails loosening and coming through the insole by gently removing the insole. They can then place a dab of glue under the nail head and tap the nail back into place with a hammer. To reattach the insole, owners can spread a small amount of glue onto the inside of the insole and press it back into place.

How to Buy High Heel Repair Items on eBay

To purchase the items needed for an emergency or home high heel repair on eBay go to any page of the site or try the deals in Fashion and Beauty. In the Search box, you can type in keywords that describe the item you need, such as "nail glue" or " heel caps". If the results are too broad, try narrowing them by clicking on a category.

To avoid embarrassing situations or slips, falls, and ankle twists, having the items on hand for an emergency repair is a good idea. The repairs are quite simple, so even a consumer without DIY skills can do them.

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