How to Repair Piano Keys

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How to Repair Piano Keys

The piano is a classic musical instrument and pianists spend years training to learn the art of playing it. Many people play for fun and have one within their home for both decor and entertainment. A piano, whether it is an upright piano or a grand piano, is an expensive investment. After years of play, wear, and tear, the parts to a piano can break. Rather than spending a large sum of money to replace the whole piano, one can easily replace and repair certain pieces of the unit without professional help. For example, if the piano keys need replacement, maintenance, or tuning, the piano owner can tackle the job him or herself.

Repairing Stuck Piano Keys

Piano keys can often begin to stick due to buildup in moisture and humidity, or because small debris gets stuck between keys. This is a problem with an easy remedy. First, hold down both the key that is sticking and the key next to it. Use a screwdriver to create a slight space between the two keys. Slide the screwdriver carefully between the keys, loosening up and unlodging anything that may be stuck between them. Take a small piece of construction paper and fold it in half. Place the piece of paper between the key that is sticking and the wooden edge of the piano. It should also be slightly under the front edge of the key. Slide the paper back and forth so it soaks up any moisture and loosens any stickiness. This should unstick the key.

Repairing Chipped or Damaged Keys

Piano keys can suffer chips and damage over years or use. Chips in piano keys can cause discomfort and slight injury to the person playing. It is simple to repair a chip in a piano key. If the key has small chips on the end of the key, simply file down the key with sandpaper to smooth out the chip. If the chip is large, it id then be necessary to replace the whole keytop. First, remove the key with the chip. Piano keys have numbers so be sure to know which number the key is so the key can easily be put back in the correct spot. Using a heat gun, heat the top of the key; this loosens the plastic top. Use a razor blade to slip the plastic top off of the wood gently being sure not to cut the wood. Once the plastic top is off, place the new keytop on carefully with special PVCA glue. Allow a few hours for the glue to dry. If the keytop is too large, sand it down. If it is too small, sand the wood. Then just replace the key onto the piano.

Tuning Piano Keys

Often, if a piano key sounds "off" a simple tuning fixes the problem. There are a few tools necessary in order to tune a piano.



Tuning lever, hammer, or wrench

Comes with sockets to enable to tuner to reach and tune the pins within the piano that control the sound

Tuning fork

Produces the exact pitch desirable

Two Rubber Mutes

Blocks the sounds of the other strings that we do not want to hear when tuning strings

Felt Temperament Strip

Strips of felt two-three millimetres thick and one meter long; Used to help set the temperament which is step one in tuning a piano

First remove the outside panels. For each note, there are three strings. Start with the mid-treble notes. Use the mutes to quiet two of the strings while the third string is tuning. These should be set with the tuning fork to a top C or a middle A. Once the first string is set, the other two are set to create a unison sound. All the other notes are set based on the first note. Complete the tuning in intervals of 8ve. Check your tuning and replace the panels.

How to Buy Piano Repair Tools on eBay

Repairing keys on a piano is very simple and eBay is a great place to find the tools and equipment in order to do this. A search bar found on every page within the site allows the user to enter the terms for which they are searching. This provides a wide array of choices. Simply enter more specific terms to narrow your search. For product descriptions, pricing, and shipping information, click on the picture of the item.

Pianos can be a great instrument to have within a home for both decor and entertainment. Pianos are available both new and used for purchase. Should the piano suffer wear or damage, it is simple and inexpensive to repair the keys on a piano rather than replacing the piano itself.

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