How to Repair Shower Tiles

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How to Repair Shower Tiles

Most bathrooms contain ceramic tiles, and over a period of time, these tiles can chip, crack, become loose, or even break. Damage can also take place in grout joints, which can lead to water seeping into bathroom walls. The good news is that people can repair and replace shower tiles on their own as long as they have access to the right supplies.

Identifying the damage and knowing what the repair process entails makes finding the required supplies easier. When it comes to buying supplies to repair shower tiles, buyers have the option to turn to brick-and-mortar shops that sellbuilding materials, but they can find more options when shopping on eBay.

Supplies People Need to Repair Shower Tiles

The first step in repairing a tile cutters, chisels, backer board, soft rags, grout, a grout scraper, grout sealer, tile adhesive, a putty knife, and some damp cloths.

How to Repair Shower Tiles

Not all damaged shower tiles require replacing because there are many instances when simple repairs serve the purpose. The first step in repairing a chipped or cracked shower tile is to clean the damaged area with a diluted mix of oxygen bleach powder. The next step is to fill the damaged area with epoxy glue. After the glue dries, people can use a brush or a cotton swab to paint over the given spot. A coat of clear urethane over dry paint prolongs durability.

Other options are to fill the damaged portion with paintable caulk or polyester resin, and then use matching paint. In such instances, when the filling material dries, users should trim the excess with a blade and then with sandpaper.

Working With Loose Tiles

Since there is a fair amount of water and steam in shower enclosures, moisture can penetrate through grout and weaken tile adhesive, which can cause tiles to loosen with time. To remove such tiles, users should scrape the grout from along its border to loosen it further, and once it is loose enough, it becomes much easier to remove. Any excess grout on the tile requires scraping, as well as debris and tile adhesive. The wall's surface also requires cleaning. The next step is to spread a layer of tile adhesive onto the tile's back surface before setting it firmly into place. Grouting is the next and final step, although users should wait around 24 hours for the tile adhesive to dry before grouting.

How to Replace Shower Tiles

Repairing all damaged bathroom tiles is not possible, as they are not difficult to replace. Before removing a tile, people should check for water and electricity supplies in the surrounding area using suitable detectors. They should also check for leaks so that they can address any plumbing-related issues at the same time.

A cloth, or newspapers, on the floor protect from dust and debris. People should use gloves and protective eyewear while working. To remove old, damaged tiles, the grout around them requires scraping to simplify the process. Placing a chisel at the edge of the tile and gently tapping it using a hammer loosens it, and repeating this at various sections loosens it further. When the tile is adequately loose, all it requires is a little prying. If the area behind the tile has a green board underneath, replace it as well.

People who do not manage to find the right-sized tiles can cut new tiles using tile cutters after taking careful measurements with a tape measure. Sandpaper works well for smoothing out the shower wall before installing new tile, and installing a new tile requires access to suitable tile adhesive. The replaced tile should dry for around 24 hours, after which, it requires cleaning and the application of a sealer. It may also require the use of spacers. The next step is grouting.


Tile grout is easy to replace, and people can find grout mix that is easy to prepare. After affixing the loose or replaced tile, the application of grout requires no more than making a grout mix, applying it around the tile, and pressing it in place. Excess grout cleans easily with a damp cloth, and it should cure for at least 24 hours before the application of grout sealer.

How to Buy Supplies to Repair Shower Tiles on eBay

eBay is home to a number of sellers who deal in building materials. Owing to which, eBay users can find supplies like tiles, urethane, epoxy glue, paintable caulk, polyester resin, grout, grout scrapers, grout sealers, tile adhesive, backer boards, and tile cutters rather easily. Certain eBay sellers offer hardware deals with free delivery. Buyers can also find a variety of used building supplies.

Ensuring that the right supplies are in place is only a start since people should know how to move forward with the repair work; failing which, there can be more damage. People who are not sure about how to go about it, or who are not comfortable with the process, should think about seeking professional help.

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