How to Repair Sling Chairs

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How to Repair Sling Chairs

The use of sling chairs is not limited to the outdoors. People can now find them in dining rooms, living rooms, offices, and commercial spaces. Damaged or worn out slings are not hard to replace, which is why many people prefer repairing their sling chairs as opposed to buying new ones. Besides, buyers have numerous options from which to choose when it comes to buying replacement slings.

Buyers can find replacement slings as well as installation kits in shops that sell home and garden supplies, and they can also find many alternatives when shopping on sites like eBay. In either case, they should pay attention to aspects like measurements, colours, and the installation process.

Supplies for Repairing Sling Chairs

When it comes to repairing sling chairs, the most common task is replacing slings, which requires access to the right replacement sling material. Other supplies that people require when repairing sling chairs include pliers, a hammer, scissors, a wire cutter, a utility knife, a flat head screwdriver, penetrating oil, and an Allen key set.

Identifying Requirements

While the basic supplies that people need to repair sling chairs tend to remain the same, replacement sling varies in accordance to the design of a chair. The corresponding table indicates how sling requirements can vary.

Type of Sling Chair

Number of Slings

Bar chair


Dining chair


Recliner chair


Love seat


A general rule of thumb is that one-piece chairs require single slings and two-piece chairs require two slings. Since these chairs do not come in standard sizes or standard designs, people should ensure taking measurements before buying replacement slings.

Measuring Sling Chairs

People looking for replacement slings should measure the frames as opposed to measuring slings that require replacement because of aspects like wear and tear and stretching. They should make sure that the rails and spreader bars are tight. Required measurements vary in accordance to any given type of chair. For example, while measurements for one-piece chairs include overall length as well as top and bottom width, when it comes to two-piece chairs, measurements for the back portion and the seat can vary, and therefore, require individual measurements for each section.

Length of any section is its measure from top to bottom, ideally from the centre portion. In order to measure width, people should take two measurements from different sections and then find the average. Since the top of chairs tend to flair with time, it is best to take width measurements around 10 cm from the top.

Replacing the Sling

When replacing the sling of a sling chair, the first step is to remove the sling rail's end caps. Removing these caps requires caution because finding matching caps to replace damaged ones is not always easy. People can try to pry them out gently using flat head screwdrivers. Removing the existing sling from the rail is not necessarily easy, given that old plastic spines exposed to the elements can become brittle and stiff with time. If this is the case, simply cutting the existing sling fabric from the middle and the removing each section separately does the trick. It is then time to remove the spreader bar between the rails.

Once the bar is out, the next step is to add new spines to the side hems of the sling that attach to the rails. To install the sling, start with one sling rail, and after installing it on one side, the sling rail requires removal. The next step is to install the sling into the remaining sling rail. Only after doing this should people mount the first sling rail back onto the chair. Gripping the end of the new sling and tugging it slightly ensures a tight fit.

The spreader bar can present some problems. Since its main purpose is to keep the sling taught, its installation requires some force. While professionals who repair sling chairs have access to special tools to install spreader bars, do-it-yourself enthusiasts can make do with cheap hinges installed where the spreader bars meet the frame. With the sling and the spreader bar firmly in place, trim any excessive spine with pliers or a utility knife. The final step is to reinstall the end caps.

How to Buy Supplies to Repair Sling Chairs on eBay

eBay users looking for replacement slings and other related supplies have many options from which to choose when shopping on eBay. Many top-rated sellers offer deals on tools, which makes finding products, like replacement slings, pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, and Allen key sets, rather easy. A number of eBay sellers offer deals with free delivery, which can lead to certain savings. In addition, users can also find used tools.

People should remember that repairing sling chairs is not difficult with access to the right supplies and the right information. Ensuring that there is no mistake in taking measurements remains crucial because ending up with incorrectly sized replacement slings does not serve any purpose.

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