How to Repair Venetian Blinds

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How to Repair Venetian Blinds

Effective in allowing privacy and controlling the amount of light that enters the room, Venetian blinds are common household and office items. However, like so many products out there, Venetian blinds are also susceptible to damage due to regular use, such as dirt in the mechanism of the blind that causes problems in adjustments. Cleaning the blind requires owners to disassemble the blinds.

Aside from knowing how to pull apart a Venetian blind, owners also need to know how to repair or replace parts that are most prone to damage, including the slats, ladders, tapes, and cords. Owners who know how to troubleshoot a Venetian blind problem can extend the life of this very useful item.

Parts of a Venetian Blind

Knowing a Venetian blind as well as their composition and use allows better understanding of the assembly and operation of the blind. Some of the parts, such as cords, ladders, slats, and tapes, are susceptible to damage as a consequence of regular use.



Top Part

Composed of a tilt tube, worm gear, pull cords, and series of pulleys

Tilt Tube

Supports the ladder

Tape Ladder

Supports the blind's slats

Tilt Cord

By pulling the cord, users activate the pulleys and worm gear to cause the tilt tube to rotate and change the pitch of the blind's slats

Lift Cord'

Raises and lowers the blinds

Bottom Part

Consists of clamps and staples that hold the tapes to the bottom slat

Commonly, Venetian blinds fail to work properly only because of dirt or dust accumulation. However, there are issues that require owners to perform other repair techniques, including broken or malfunctioning cords, tapes, and slats. Each repair requires a number of steps.

Repairing Cords

1. DIYers first need to remove the blind from the window and pull off the clamps that secure the tapes to the bottom slats. For wooden blinds, DIYers should look for staples instead of clamps.

2. After removing the clamps, untie or cut the lift cord at both sides of the blind. Next, pull on the cord to remove it entirely from the blind.

3. Restring the cords if replacing only the tilt and lift cords. To restring the cords, thread the lift cord up through the base piece on the left part and over the pulleys.

4. Thread the lift cord from over the top of the pulleys and downwards on the right side. Make sure that the ladder's rungs have enough distance from each other. DIYers are to weave the lift cords on alternate sides of the rungs.

5. After threading the lift cord, cut the tassels from the old tilt cord. Finally, thread the new tilt cord over the gear pulley and replace the tassels.

Repairing Tapes

1. DIYers begin by removing the hairpin clips at the top of the Venetian blind to free up the tapes.

2. After freeing up the tapes, attach new tapes to both the base piece and the tilt tube.

3. Finally, after securing the new blind tapes, extend the ladders and put the other slats in place. Finally, thread the tilt and lift cords again as instructed in the previous section.

Replacing Ladders and Slats

1. DIYers who need to replace the slats have to remove the lift cord first before continuing with the replacement process.

2. After removing the lift cord from the blind, DIYers can easily remove the slats from the ladders.

3. Remove the slats that need replacement and put new slats in place.

4. Finally, thread the lift and tilt cords again as instructed.

Cleaning Slats and Ladder Tapes

Sometimes all it takes is a good cleaning to make the Venetian blind work properly again. To clean slats and ladder tapes, DIYers need dishwashing detergent, replacement tapes, a pair of scissors, adhesive tape, and a replacement lift cord .

1. To begin, remove the blind from the window and lay it flat and all the way open on a level surface.

2. Next, untie both ends of the lift cord and pull the cord out of the blind and put the clip aside

3. Remove each slat one by one and soak the dirty slats in a solution of warm water and dishwashing detergent. Rinse each slat thoroughly on each side and let it dry. Remember to stack the slats in order.

4. When replacing the tapes, remove the blind clips that secure the tapes at the top part of the blind and continue with the instruction in the previous section.

5. Before putting the blind back on the window, check if the pulley is working properly. Vacuum-clean lint or dirt in the pulleys and wipe the mechanism with a soft cloth. Spraying lubricant into the pulleys can keep them in tip-top condition.

How to Buy Venetian Blinds Parts on eBay

eBay lists a wide variety of Venetian blinds and parts, and buyers can begin their search by typing keywords into the search field. Buyers should keep an eye out for listings with free postage, which top-rated sellers may offer, as well as discounted items. And for more value for the money, visit eBay Deals page that offers bargain items.

For a Venetian blind to work properly, owners sometimes just need to make sure they are free of dirt and dust. Among all the parts of a Venetian blind, the tapes, ladders, slats, and cords are the parts most likely to need replacement eventually. Knowing how to repair or replace these parts turns owners into DIYers who can make their Venetian blind work properly again.

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