How to Repair Vinyl Records

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How to Repair Vinyl Records

For many music enthusiasts, there is nothing better than the sound achieved by playing vinyl records. Unfortunately, there are many instances in which vinyl records have damage resulting in the inability to play correctly. The common belief is once a record has scratches, it is no longer usable, but there are some simple methods to repair vinyl records. As with all DIY repairs, it is important to acknowledge there is a risk of further damaging the record, but with proper care and instruction, a repair has more chance of success. Supplies to clean or repair vinyl records are available at local retailers on online through sites like eBay that offers competitive prices and an easy-to-use platform.

Cleaning Vinyl Records

One of the first steps to restoring a vinyl record is simply cleaning it. The grooves in the record that make the music possible are also a great place for dust, grime, and other particulates to settle in and alter the way the record is played. By reviewing some of the top options for cleaning records, music lovers are able to choose the best method for their own use.



Ideal Use

Vinyl Record Cleaning Solution

Commercial solution designed specifically for cleaning records

Used with brushes to remove dirt from record grooves

Vinyl Record Brush

Anti-static carbon fibre brush with soft bristles

Cleans out dirt from grooves while preventing static that attracts dust

Anti-Static Gun

Anti-static generator releases a stream of ions

The guns removes static from the surface of the record to prevent dust build-up

Vacuum Record Cleaner

Dispenses cleaning solution, scrubs the record, and vacuums the dirt and liquid

Useful for buyers with a lot of vinyl records that require deep cleaning

There is a wide selection of options to choose from when cleaning one's vinyl records, but the best method is a matter of personal choice or even budget. For example, the vinyl record brush is quite affordable and is effective for cleaning while the vacuum record cleaner is not as cost effective but it provides a thorough cleaning.

Manually Cleaning a Vinyl Record

To clean a vinyl record manually using a cleaning solution, there are only a few simple steps to follow. Firstl, place the record on a towel on a flat surface to make sure the application of the solution goes on evenly. Put the cleaning solution on the brush and run it across the record from the inside to the outside edge at a slight angle. It is best to alternate turning the record clockwise and counter clockwise so the brush is able to clean out the grooves of all dirt and debris. After running the solution several times, use a different dry brush to remove any excess particles.

Repairing a Vinyl Record

If a good cleaning does not help repair any crackles or pops in the sound of the record, then it is time to consider more intensive repairs. It is important to note though, with any repairs there is always a risk of damaging the record even further. Also, repair is only really possible for minor scratches and not for major damage like deep gouges or warping.

One option for repairing surface scratches on a record is to use fine grit sandpaper and carefully sand the top layer of the record to remove the scratch. This is only useful if the inner depths of the groove, where the needle reaches, are undisturbed by the scratch. Another option is to use a sewing needle or other fine point to help re-cut the groove. There are many more home solutions for repairing records, but if buyers do not feel comfortable with any of these there are also professional services available to help with record repair or even audio restoration.

Storing and Caring for Vinyl Records

A good way to avoid repairs is to properly store and care for vinyl records. Although, vinyl is a durable material abuse and neglect take a toll. It is important not to touch the record with one's hands because it transfers oil and dirt. After vinyl records are cleaned they need to be stored into a new paper or anti-static plastic sleeve to keep them clean. Most importantly, buyers are advised to store their vinyl records vertically to prevent warping.

How to Buy Vinyl Record Repair Supplies on eBay

To get rock and rolling again, it is important to first look up the best way to clean or repair your vinyl records. Once equipped with the know-how, you can take advantage of the eBay Deals page for some hot savings. To start a search, enter a keyword like "vinyl record cleaner" into any of the eBay pages to yield all the associated listings. To find the best repair or cleaning solution for your vinyl record, browse all the product descriptions from the Top Rated sellers to ensure the best results. With a little bit of patience and some elbow grease it is possible to recover some of those dusty vinyl records that no longer got any play time.

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