How to Repair Wrought Iron Railings

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How to Repair Wrought Iron Railings

Wrought iron railings are not only durable, but they are also a stylish way to accent any home or business. That is why is especially troublesome when there is damage to the railing. Serious damage has the potential to ruin the integrity of the entire construction if left unattended. Fortunately, there are some solutions to repair a wrought iron railing with not much effort. Supplies for repairing a wrought iron railing are available at DIY shops and other local suppliers, as well as online through retailer sites like eBay. Equipped with the proper know-how and the proper tools, buyers are able to effectively repair their wrought iron railings.

Repairing the Wrought Iron Railing

Before heading to buy supplies and tools, it is important to figure out what kind of repair to complete. One of the most common issues with wrought iron is it does rust if it is exposed to moisture. Rust quickly degrades the entire surface and ruins the stability of the railing. With early detection, rust is easily taken care of before it ruins the railing completely.

Wrought Iron Railing Rust Repair

To repair rust on wrought iron railing, use a wire brush to remove rust and any peeling paint. To smooth the surface, usesandpaper or an emery cloth. An advantage of an emery cloth is it does not tear like sandpaper, so it is more effective at removing rust. Once the surface is smooth, buyers are able to use a rust neutraliser to take care of any remaining rust. The neutraliser needs the appropriate drying time to cure and work effectively so always check the instructions. When the surface is dry, an oil-based primer is easily applied before using oil-based paint. It is always best to use several coats of paint on wrought iron to prevent any further rusting.

When working on rust repairs, it is necessary to useprotective eyewear and a 3M mask to prevent rust from getting into the eyes or from being inhaled.Use gloves to protect hands from abrasive materials and chemicals found in the rust neutraliser. If working inside, it is also a good idea to set down a tarp or plastic to protect the other surfaces from rust staining.

Fixing Missing Sections of Railing

In some cases rust or other factors cause missing sections of railing. First, remove the damaged section using ahacksaw. For outdoor wrought iron railings, a steel rod inserted in the railing helps bridge the gap between the railing and the concrete. Auto body filler is handy for filling in the gaps and when it is dry buyers mould and paint it to look like the original railing. For indoor wrought iron railings, a wooden rod is a good substitute for the metal rod used in outdoor repairs.

Replacing Corroded Railing

If the railing is corroded beyond repair, it is necessary to replace the railing. For simple railings, it is possible to replace a supporting rod or two. However, sections of more ornate railings are not as easily replaced. It is best to replace heavily damaged railings to avoid anyone getting hurt, especially in areas of heavy foot traffic like stairs where railings are useful for support.

Maintaining Wrought Iron Railing

To preserve wrought iron railings and any repairs one does, proper maintenance is required. First and foremost, it is always recommended to avoid moisture build-up. For outdoor railings, one needs to make sure there is not a lot of overgrowth around the bottom of the railing that often leads to corrosion. It is pertinent to check the surface areas for any signs of rust and to treat them quickly to prevent further damage.

How to Buy Wrought Iron Railing Repair Supplies on eBay

Undertaking a DIY project seems a lot less daunting when one is prepared with the knowledge and tools to accomplish the task at hand. To get started on your wrought iron railing repair start a search on any of the eBay pages using a keyword such as " hacksaw" for a list of results. By reviewing product descriptions from Top Rated sellers, you can help ensure the best shopping experience. For any additional questions, feel free to contact the seller using eBay's message system. There are numerous ways to save on eBay from looking for local sellers to avoid postage costs to checking out the eBay Deals page for great savings. When properly cared for, wrought iron railings last a long time so it is important to know how to repair and maintain them.

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