How to Repair a Broken Window Pane

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How to Repair a Broken Window Pane

A broken window in the home or office can be a big problem. For one, it presents a hazard to anyone who comes in contact with the inside or outside of the window, because of the sharp edges of broken glass. It also allows hot or cold air to escape, which can add up to expensive heating and air conditioning bills. Leaving it broken can also cause damage to the structure of the window, including the frame, wall, and floor. It’s important to fix a broken window as quickly as possible after it breaks. It is a fairly simple process that most people can do at home with the right supplies.


Supplies for Repairing a Broken Window Pane

Before beginning the repair, make sure to gather all of the necessary supplies together first. Here are the supplies needed:

  • Tape Measure to measure the dimensions of the opening in order to size the cut glass.

  • Hammer, Sturdy Cardboard, Thick Gloves, Duct Tape for removing the glass from the window.

  • Cut Glass from a hardware store. Homeowners can measure the glass window and buy glass that is cut to the right size, or use a glass cutter to cut the glass themselves.

  • Glazing Points to hold the glass in place while installing it in the window frame.

  • Window Glazing Putty forms a seal around the window and keep the new glass in place.

  • Putty Knife to help seal the putty and smooth it out so there are no messy marks left behind.

  • Paint for after the window installation. The area around it will need to be painted to match the rest of the wall.


Removing the Broken Window Pane

The first step in repairing a broken window is to remove the broken glass. The glass usually breaks in a small area, with much of the remaining glass still inside the window frame. This step can be dangerous and should be handled with care. Wearing a pair of thick gardening or rubber gloves will help to ensure that no accidents happen, as the glass is sharp. Don’t allow pieces of the glass to fall inside or outside of the house, because it will shatter and can be dangerous.
In order to remove the glass with caution, use cardboard or a sturdy material to cover the area outside the window. Then use duct tape to cover the remaining glass in the window in large “X” patterns. This will help to prevent the glass from breaking or shattering as it is being removed.
Cover the inside of the house with cardboard or sturdy material, then use a hammer to break the glass free from the window. Push it outside of the house so that it falls onto the cardboard in one piece. Then, drag the heel of the hammer along the inside of the window to make sure no small pieces remain.


Replacing the Window Pane

Remove all of the glass and the old putty that was used to keep the window in place from the window frame by using a putty knife. Be careful not to scrape or damage the wood while removing it. Then, place a little bit of glazing putty along the inside edge of the frame where the glass will sit. It’s easy to roll the putty into little strings and stretch them out across the window. Then, set the glass in place and press it into the putty. Use the glazing points along each side to push the glass into the wood frame. Just place the glazing point on the glass and use the putty knife to push it gently into place.
After it is in place, use more putty to seal the glass into the frame. Push the putty into the crevice, and then use the putty knife to remove any excess putty from the edge of the window. Clean around the entire window and allow the putty to set for at least one week before painting it to match the wall or the colour of the other windows.


Buying Supplies for Repairing a Broken Window Pane on eBay

Homeowners can purchase all of the necessary supplies for repairing a broken window pane on eBay. Some frames will require a professional to install them, but if not, buying the tools on eBay is a quick and easy way to get started on the project. Simply head to the Home and Garden section, or search for “Window Repair” on the homepage. Buyers can scroll through the available materials to find glass, putty, safety tools, and other supplies. Make sure to use a seller with good ratings, and verify the shipping costs and additional expenses before purchasing.

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