How to Repair a Bumper Crack

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How to Repair a Bumper Crack

Because manufacturers generally use cheap plastic for the majority of bumpers on the road today, they often crack, gouge, and brake during an accident. Fortunately, most car owners find that plastic bumpers are easy to repair, and more so than chrome and metal bumpers. Repairing a cracked bumper takes some skill and the desire to purchase plastic filler. Alternatively, car owners can purchase a replacement bumper on eBay where sellers offer new and used options. Most car owners can easily repair small to medium size cracks in their car bumper at home, without needing to pay for a professional repair. An overview of how to repair a bumper crack can help owners do the work themselves or decide that taking the car to an auto shop is a better choice.

Fixing a Cracked Bumper

There are two ways to fix a cracked bumper, but both methods require the owner to purchase plastic filler of some kind. Most car bumpers feature a dual layer of plastic, foam, and sometimes, other shock absorbing materials. However, most cracks only affect the plastic layer.

Using Plastic Putty

Plastic putty is a very affordable and easy to use for repairing a bumper crack, but it is also the least efficient. Putty is soft plastic or epoxy that users insert into the crack, then allow it to dry and harden. Epoxy is difficult to use to create a like-new finish but is perfect for anyone looking for a fast and easy way to repair small cracks. Plastic is available in tubes, and is only suitable for very small holes and cracks. High-quality versions of plastic filler are similar to silicone or glue.

Using Thermoplastic

Thermoplastic is a great way to repair a cracked bumper but does require more skill to use. To apply thermoplastic, the car owner needs a gun, applicator, or heat gun to heat the plastic to melting point so that it can fill the hole or crack. The owner can then smooth over the plastic until it is difficult to tell from the original bumper. One should wear safety glasses during application and follow any specific instructions that the manufacturer of the kit provides. There are multiple types of thermoplastic repair kits including plastic welding, chemical welding, and heated filler.

Repairing Large Sections of a Bumper

Sometimes the car owner can use plastic welding to fuse a piece of solid plastic into a large gap or hole in the bumper. This is plastic welding and is a good way to quickly repair large holes. However, it is usually a good idea for car owners to choose the same type of plastic or to cut a piece from another bumper.

Replacing a Bumper

Sometimes a bumper may have too much damage to repair, in which case the car owner should replace it. The buyer should check the make, model, and production date of the vehicle and buy a compatible bumper. It is also a good idea for car owners to measure the length and height of the bumper, as well as the distance between the mounts on the frame. This is important for purchasing a new bumper, because buyers may have to check the measurements to ensure that the new bumper fits on the car. Buyers can choose to purchase a new bumper or a second-hand bumper, or choose to look for a plastic cover to go over the bumper.

Installing a New Bumper

Most bumpers attach using a series of bolts, but it is usually a good idea to get help for installing a new one. Bumpers are difficult to take off and require either a jack system or someone to hold them up for installation. Buyers can decide between doing the installation themselves and taking their new bumper to an auto body shop for professional installation of the new bumper.

How to Buy Bumpers or Repair Supplies on eBay

If you are looking for bumper repair supplies, visit eBay to access a range of options from local and international sellers. eBay sellers list almost everything, including bumper repair kits and tools for fixing bumper cracks. You can also choose between new and used bumpers and bumper covers. Check the eBay Deals section of the website for the best offers of the day, which may include bumpers, or look for a repair option based on the specific damage to your vehicle. With the right tools and supplies, almost anyone can repair cracks in their bumper without needing to take the car to an auto shop and pay for the repair.

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