How to Repair a Concrete Driveway

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How to Repair a Concrete Driveway

A seal the driveway so that the entire thing looks as good as new.

Planning Ahead Makes Repairing the Driveway go Smoothly

Any type of concrete work is easier if there are at least two people to do the work. With concrete repairs, working with more than one person is even more important as the small amounts of concrete cure fast, making it necessary to work as quickly as possible. Plan the repair work for a nice, moderate temperature day when help is available. The concrete surface should be approximately 15 degrees Celsius for optimal results.

Have All the Tools and Supplies on Hand

The different types of concrete damage require slightly different repair methods, but they all require the same basic concrete tools to get the job done:

* A metal trowel

* A rubber trowel

* A caulking gun

* A hose with spray nozzle

* A long handled squeegee

* A long handled push broom

* A convenient container for mixing the concrete. Either a bucket or a wheelbarrow

Optional Equipment:

* A high-powered drill

* Concrete mixing paddle

Every repair job is different. Some may only require one type of concrete repair product while other driveways have numerous different types of damage, each requiring a different type of product.

* Concrete Resurfacing Mixture

* Concrete Repair Caulk

* Concrete Dressing

* Standard Concrete Mixture

* Concrete Sealer

Preparing the Area

Regardless of the type of damage, the first step in repairing it is to clean the entire driveway surface thoroughly. Use a pressure washer and driveway cleaner to ensure that there is no debris left on the surface that may hamper the repairs or the process of resurfacing the driveway after making the repairs. It is not necessary to allow the concrete to dry after cleaning, as the surface needs to be wet during the repair process. Be sure that all loose pieces and large chunks come off during the cleaning process, leaving only the solid concrete behind.

Repairing the Concrete

A single driveway may have several different types of damage: small cracks, larger cracks, and chunks of broken concrete. Each type of damage requires specific repair work.

Repairing Small Cracks

Small cracks and shallow surface damage requires a very thin mixture of concrete dressing that does not include any gravel. Follow the instructions on the packaging, but generally, it is a 1:4 ratio with 1 part concrete dressing to 4 parts water. Use a metal caulking gun for cracks that are up to 1 centimetre wide, again, smoothing the surface out after the repairs.

Large Cracks

Larger cracks and damaged areas require a concrete mixture. It may be necessary to widen the cracks using a chisel and hammer in order to get an adequate amount of concrete into the space. Use considerable amounts of pressure to press as much concrete into the crack as possible. When the concrete fills the crack, smooth the surface with a rubber trowel. Fill in large, deep surface damage the same way. If chunks of concrete are missing from the edges of the driveway, use scraps of wood to create a frame to hold the concrete in place while it sets.

Resurfacing and Sealing the Driveway

When all the repairs are complete, no matter how careful the repairers were, it is still be noticeable. Use a concrete resurfacing compound or dressing mixture to apply a thin layer to the entire driveway surface. Make sure that the surface is wet before applying it. Use a long handled squeegee to spread it evenly. Then, use a long-handled push broom to add a non-slip texture to it. Once the entire surface is dry and has set for at least 24 hours, apply a concrete sealer following the instructions on the container. Allow it to dry completely before moving vehicles on it.

How to Buy Tools and Supplies to Repair a Concrete Driveway on eBay

By planning for the work in advance and having everything necessary for repairs on hand, it is possible for any handyperson to fix a damaged driveway so that it looks better than new. Make shopping for the necessary concrete tools and supplies easy and less expensive by purchasing them on eBay, where sellers list numerous home improvement tools and supplies. Buy the different mixtures from the same seller who ships them together, saving you even more money. Also, check out the items available on the eBay Deals page to find even better bargains.

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