How to Repair a Cracked Phone Screen

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How to Repair a Cracked Phone Screen

Dropping a phone can catastrophically damage the screen, but, luckily, that does not necessarily mean replacing the phone. If the screen is broken and the phone is no longer under warranty, then it is very possible for most people to repair the screen at home. While this procedure is difficult under most situations, nearly anyone can replace a phone screen with the right screwdrivers and supplies. Most people should start by purchasing the appropriate parts including a replacement screen and glue or adhesive. From there, repairing a cracked phone screen is mostly a matter of patience and carefully taking apart the phone.

Examine the Phone

Owners should examine the phone before going shopping. They need to take note of the phone's size, type, model, brand, year, and style in order to find the appropriate replacement screen. Typically, only smartphones have available replacement screens but it is possible to purchase a for-parts phone instead of a specific repair kit.

Buy a Replacement Screen

Buyers can look on eBay to find a number of different screens in varying qualities for different budgets. Most phones have unique screens, so it is important to purchase a replacement for the specific model. Screens are available as used from old phones, as single screens, and as replacement kits.

Get the Right Tools

Specific screwdrivers and tools that a phone owner may need vary according to the phone manufacturer. For example, iPhones use Pentalobe screws while the Samsung Galaxy uses Phillips. Buyers can examine their phone and choose the appropriate types of screwdrivers.



Heat g un or heating pad

Medium heat





Soft prying instrument

Guitar picks or something made for the purpose

Double sided tape or electrical adhesive

Either is appropriate


Thin work gloves, leather or fabric

Canned air

Aerosol intended for cleaning

Buyers can try to find most of these tools in a bundle or package, although this option is only common for popular phones. However, the heat gun is not typically included. Buyers can consider a powerful hair dryer or a heating pad as an alternative, although the heat gun offers the best results.

Replace the Screen

Replacing a phone screen is a two-part process that involves removing the old screen and then replacing a new one. Owners should undertake both carefully, as it is possible to crack the bezel and further damage the phone. If possible, take out the battery first; if not, power down the phone.

Remove the Bezel

Phone owners can start by carefully examining the phone to find the hairline crack where the bezel meets the phone. From there, removing the bezel is a simple process of inserting a plastic prying device under the corner and gently lifting until the bezel comes free on one corner. To finish the job, owners need to run a second pick or prying bar around the loose edge and gently lift each corner until the entire unit is free.

Remove the Screen

After loosening the bezel, phone owners can start removing the damaged screen from its chassis. First, owners should carefully examine the phone and remove any screws and small parts. The number of screws can vary from two to upwards of twenty. It is a good idea to store the screws in a small bowl, plastic bag, or screw tray to avoid losing them. After removing the screen and electronics, pulling off the screen is a simple matter of heating the glass with the heat gun to soften the adhesive and then pulling the glass off.

Replace the Screen

Replacing the screen on a phone is simpler than taking the old one off. Owners should clean the phone and the chassis with an aerosol can of air, and then apply any glue or adhesive necessary for the new screen. From there, owners can complete the repair by checking to ensure wires are in place, and putting everything back together.

How to Buy Replacement Phone Screens on eBay

People's ability to repair a phone with a cracked screen depends on their ability to find and purchase the right parts and eBay is one of the best places to look for those parts. eBay's many sellers offer thousands of replacement screens and repair kits as well as deals and sales. In addition, buyers can easily search for the correct model or type using the Advanced Search feature. Because sellers list many different brands and qualities of screens, buyers can choose a replacement that suits their needs and budget. Repairing a phone screen at home is not necessarily easy, but for anyone with the patience to do so, it is a great way to save time and money on the cost of repairs.

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