How to Repair a Door

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How to Repair a Door

In use every day, doors are such a commonality that most people completely overlook them. Whether they bar the entrance to a home or passageways between rooms, doors provide a great deal of usefulness that makes a person's daily life easier. The utility of a door certainly becomes apparent when it malfunctions and needs repairing, and this inevitably happens at some point. Fixing a door is a quick and simple task in some cases, but a homeowner has to understand some general knowledge first. Learning how to fix common door issues, from squeaky hinges to rotted frames, is important for homeowners because broken doors are quite a nuisance and often require immediate repair.

Importance of Repairing Doors

Some homeowners have a tendency to ignore problems with doors until the issues are impossible to ignore. Door repairs should not fall to the bottom of a to-do list for a number of reasons. For exterior doors, the main purpose is to secure the homes or buildings. They also keep heat and air conditioning inside the buildings. If an entry door no longer fits perfectly into its frame, unwanted air and other outdoor elements such as rain and snow are able to get inside, and this forces owners to pay more money to keep their interiors at the appropriate temperature. In the end, although issues with a door may seem trivial, failing to repair it in a timely manner could lead to unwanted consequences and expenses down the road.

Sticky Doors

One common issue with many doors, especially entry doors, is 'stickiness', meaning the doors are difficult to shut completely or open, as if they catch on something sticky in the frames. Before tackling such an issue, an owner should check to make sure the hinges are tightly in place. A screwdriver is a good way to keep them tight. Once the hinges are tight, cleaning along the outside of the door and inside the frame usually takes care of the issue. Dirt and other residue can build up, causing the door to stick. If this is not enough to fix the stickiness, the door may require sanding using sand paper or a sanding machine. This takes off the top layer of wood, which is often just enough to allow the door to fit again.

Squeaky Hinges

Virtually everyone despises the frustrating and annoying sound of a door squeaking every time it opens and closes. Fixing such an issue is certainly not as frustrating as the sound itself. The main solution for eliminating that bothersome sound is using some sort of lubricant on the door's hinges.Silicone spray, such as WD-40, is a good choice that gets the job done. If a lubricant does not take care of the problem, scrubbing down the hinges and their individual parts, including the pins in the hinges, is another option. Steel wool is a good choice for some deep scrubbing.

Sticky Latches

Similar to a sticky door, a sticky latch occurs when the latch bolt no longer operates properly. Sticky or misaligned latches are often present when owners have to slam, shimmy, lift, or push down doors to close them. These issues require repair as soon as possible, considering they can lead to someone accidentally leaving a door open and unlocked, greatly increasing the chances of burglary. The simplest way to fix a sticky latch is to file down the strike plate, which is the plate of metal the bolt hits against when closing. Using a small file, an owner can file the strike plate specifically where the bolt hits it, testing the door at different points to check for the elimination of the latch stickiness.

Air and Weather Leaks

One of the most common issues seen with doors is the leaking of air either in or out of the home. As mentioned above, these leaks lead to unnecessary increases in energy bills and may even allow elements like rain and snow to get inside and potentially ruin floors. A weatherboard is a quick fix for drafts coming in underneath the door. After a quick and easy installation, the weatherboard seals the bottom of the door to keep temperature appropriate air inside and unwanted air and the elements outside.

How to Buy Door Repair Products on eBay

Do-it-yourself fixes around the home or office may seem intimidating to many people, who often believe such issues require the expertise of trained professionals or handymen. However, a few minor adjustments such as the ones noted above quickly resolve many common door issues. The materials and tools needed to repair most doors are often readily available in most homes, but buying the items on eBay from the comfort of home is easy when the need arises. eBay's countless top-rated sellers allow buyers to feel confident in their purchasing decisions, and numerous deals on tools are available daily on the eBay Deals pages. With the right knowledge and tools, almost anyone is a ready-made handyman.

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