How to Repair a Fender Dent

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How to Repair a Fender Dent

We have all had them. Whether as the result of a clipped shopping cart, an overlooked fire hydrant, or even a minor accident, we find ourselves with a dented fender. The good news is that fender dents are purely superficial; there is no damage to the body or any essential components of the car. Even better news is that, rather than paying the garage top dollar to purchase and install a brand new fender, following a brief how-to, people can take care of minor fender mars themselves. The degree and age of the damage determines the number of products required; thankfully, eBay fulfills every dent-fixer's shopping list, from body hammers to sanders to auto paint, and even manufacturer's replacement fenders, if needed.

How to Repair a Fender Dent

A dented fender is nothing to fear as it is merely a minor repair car owners can make themselves. All of the necessary tools are readily available from eBay's vast Motors & Parts store, including a body hammer, grinder, body filler, plastic squeegee, sandpaper, primer, and paint. The process is so simple, even those who have never set foot in an auto parts store can restore their car's glory in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Hammer or Pull Out the Dent

The best repair option is to hammer out the dent from behind, which requires being able to get to the underside of the fender. This is often possible by accessing the fender through either the hood or trunk, or even reaching up from underneath. Using a body hammer, carefully knock out the dent. When access to the rear of the fender is restricted, a dent puller enters the picture. First, drill a few small holes in the centre and near-centre of the dent. After securing the dent puller's screw tip firmly in the hole, gently tug out the dent by pumping the tool's handle up and down. Repeat this procedure until all of the holes are done. It is important not to over-pull the dent; rather, straighten it just until even with the rest of the fender.

Step 2: Grind or Sand Away the Paint

Engaging the use of a grinder or 180-grit sandpaper, smooth away paint from the dent itself, as well as two to three inches beyond. Only sand or grind until the bare metal is visible and all paint is gone.

Step 3: Apply and Sand Body Filler

Using the plastic squeegee, spread the body filler across the sanded area; the aim is to not only fill the dent, but extend the filler slightly above the level of the fender. Let the body filler dry for at least two hours. Once the area is completely dry, level the area with the bumper using sandpaper, leaving a smooth, ready-to-prime surface.

Step 4: Prime the Repaired Area

Before the paint, comes the primer, and before the primer, comes the prep. Use masking tape to cover the surrounding area with paper, thus protecting it from unnecessary coating. Area secured, use a microfibre towel to spread wax and grease remover; next, apply a thick coat of primer. After allowing 30 minutes for the primer to dry, smooth the affected area with 300-grit sandpaper, and then wipe again with wax and grease remover.

Step 5: Paint the Repaired Area

It is time for the final step: painting the former dent using the proper colour for the make and model of the car. Holding the can 15 to 20 centimetres from the site, apply three coats of body paint, allowing 15 minutes to dry in between each. Use measured, horizontal strokes; to ensure proper coverage, the layers should slightly overlap. After the paint has completely dried, follow the same process to apply three layers of clear coat paint. When dry, remove the masking tape and paper and behold your beautifully restored fender.


Recommended Materials

Step 1: Hammer Out the Dent

Body hammer

Step 1 (alt.): Pull Out the Dent


Dent puller

Step 2: Grind Away the Paint


Step 2 (alt.): Sand Away the Paint

180-grit sandpaper

Step 3: Apply and Sand Body Filler

Plastic squeegee

Body filler

220-grit sandpaper

Step 4: Prime the Repaired Area

Masking tape


Wax and grease remover

Microfibre towel


300-grit sandpaper

Step 5: Paint the Repaired Area

Auto paint (tinted)

Clear coat paint

Despite the number of necessary materials and steps in fender dent repair, the process is relatively easy to perform at home. With solid instructions and the right supplies, this is nothing more than an afternoon project.

How to Buy Materials to Repair a Fender on eBay

On eBay, you can find everything you need to repair your own fender, including a body hammer, dent puller, sandpaper, body filler, primer, paint, and more. No need to make multiple trips to the auto parts store; the trusted online marketplace makes shopping and buying quick and easy. Simply type the name of the product you want into the search bar and peruse the photos and descriptions of hundreds of items. Everybody has had a fender bender at one time or another; it's not the end of the world. You are smart for wanting to save yourself potentially thousands of dollars by repairing it yourself, and at eBay, you have are in the right place.

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