How to Repair a Fibreglass Tub

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How to Repair a Fibreglass Tub

Tubs are a major feature in a bathroom, so it is important they are in excellent condition. Fibreglass tubs have a number of positive features. They are easy to clean and look good. However, this material can still get damaged. If there is damage to a tub, there are some easy fixes that a homeowner can do. Though serious damage might require repairs by a professional, homeowners can take care of most small holes and cracks. Different materials homeowners need for repairs include epoxy resin and fibreglass cloth. By learning some simple repair tips, a homeowner can keep his or her fibreglass tub looking as good as new.


It is important to have the right materials when repairing a tub. Some of the most common supplies for fixing a tub include fibreglass cloth, epoxy resin, and colourant.



Fibreglass cloth

Cloth useful for repairing large holes

Epoxy resin

Good for filling in small cracks

Colour ant

Tint to match the colour of the resin to the tub

Buffing compound

Returns the gloss to the repaired area

It is possible for homeowners to purchase a kit that has all of the materials they need for simple repairs.


To begin the repair process, homeowners should examine the extent of the damage to determine what materials the homeowner should use for the repair. Fibreglass cloth is a good option for wide, narrow holes, but epoxy resin is better for deep holes. Before making any repairs, homeowners should prepare the surface of the tub. Begin by using a bleach and water solution to clean the tub thoroughly. Then rinse out the tub and let it dry. After cleaning, sand the surface with sandpaper.

Fixing Chips

If there are some chips in the tub, homeowners can fill them in with a little bit of resin in the crack and let it dry. After the resin dries, the homeowner can then sandpaper the area, so it lies flat with the rest of the tub.

Filling in Holes

Now mix the epoxy resin according to the manufacturer instructions. After mixing the resin, use an applicator of some kind to fill in the hole with the resin. Then wipe off the extra epoxy, including the thin film around the hole. After the epoxy cures for the length of time the manufacturer recommends, the homeowner can then use fine grit sandpaper to get rid of any extra epoxy, so the filling is level with the tub.

Patching Holes

Sometimes wider holes require patching with fibreglass cloth. Cut a patch wide enough for the hole and then fill the hole halfway with epoxy resin and insert the patch in. The homeowner needs to put more resin on top of the cloth, so it is no longer visible. Then wipe any excess resin off the surface of the tub and let it dry for the recommended time. After the material cures, one can then use fine sandpaper to make it level with the tub.

Matching the Colour

Although fixing holes in a tub is not difficult, it can take a bit of work to match the colour perfectly. A lot of kits come with a colourant that homeowners mix with the resin to apply as a final coat. One should test a little bit of the resin on the tub to check for a colour match and adjust as necessary.

Tips for Repairs

It is a good idea for a homeowner to use disposable materials because the chemicals in the materials can damage tools. If there is a large hole in the floor of the tub, fill it in with expanding foam under the floor because it helps prevent such problems in the future. If homeowners have major repairs to make, they might want to use a power sander. After repairing the tub, use a buffing compound in order to create the gloss finish that is on the rest of the tub.

How to Buy Fibreglass Tubs and Materials on eBay

If you are looking for a new fibreglass tub or for materials to make repairs to your own tub, you can find what you need on eBay. You can browse through the different categories, although a keyword search might be the fastest way to find what you want. Just type in certain keywords, such as " fibreglass epoxy " or " fibreglass kit ." fibreglass tubs are in many homes and can be a beautiful focal point in a bathroom. No one wants a tub with chips and cracks, but if a homeowner learns some simple repair techniques, he or she does not need an expensive professional to fix it. With a few tools, a homeowner can make a tub look brand new.

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