How to Repair a Fishing Rod

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How to Repair a Fishing Rod

Fishing is a great hobby that people of all ages enjoy. If someone is serious about fishing, it is important that everything is in good shape, including the fishing rod,fishing line,fish hooks, and lures. It is normal for most fishermen to experience some sort of damaged equipment at some point, which is why it is important to learn how to take care of fishing gear. Every fisherman should know the basic parts of a rod as well as how to deal with some common problems. These repairs include fixing a tip, rod guide, snapped rod, and eyelets. Once a fisherman can make basic repairs, he or she does not have to replace a fishing line every time it incurs minor damage.

Parts of a Fishing Rod

A fishing pole is made of a variety of parts such as thereel seat,ferrule, guides, wrappings, and butt.



Reel seat

Reel attaches to the guide


Thick part of the rod closest to the handle


The joint piece if a rod can be broken down into two or more pieces


The rings that go down the length of the rod

Wrappings or windings

String wound around the feet of the guides

These are just some of the parts of a fishing rod, and they may differ somewhat depending on the type of rod.

Common Problems

It is a good idea for a fisherman to know how to handle some of the common problems that occur with rods. These problems include broken tips, broken rod guides, and snapped rods.

Broken Tip

If the tip of a fishing rod breaks, the fisherman has to replace the tip of the rod with a new one. The fisherman may have to cut the tip off of the rod if the break is at the rod blank. If the repairer does not need to cut off the tip of the rod, he or she can use heat to loosen the glue and twist to remove the tip. Using too much heat can damage the rod though. If the heat does not work, the repairer needs to cut off the tip. Next, the fisherman needs to measure the rod to determine how long the tip should be. This requires using a tip gauge that can test the rod in different holes until one fits snugly. To attach the new tip, the fisherman should apply glue and fit it on the rod. It is important to make sure that the new tip's guides line up with the rod's.

Broken Rod Guide

If one of the rod guides is broken, the replacement needs to be the same diameter of the original. This is even more important if the guide that needs replacing is the one closest to the spinning reel. The repairer should heat the glue of the wrappings and cut them off. After aligning the new guide with the old ones, the fisherman should put new wrappings on and seal them with epoxy.

Snapped Rod

Sometimes the rod is actually broken in half. If that happens, the fisherman first needs to trim the frayed ends. The edge should be square and smooth. By measuring the diameter of the rod, the fisherman can find the right size. The repairer can then cement a ferrule to the bottom of the rod. A fisherman can choose from different glues for this including a fast drying epoxy resin or a two-part epoxy that gives the repairer more time to correctly position the ferrule. The fisherman needs to glue the female end of the ferrule to the lower part of the rod. After the cement dries, the repairer should put the cement where the ferrule joins the rod. When the glue has dried, the fisherman needs to use a lathe to sand the ferrule to the same diameter as the original rod. Fine sandpaper works as a substitute for a lathe. Next, the repairer can put wrappings on the ferrule to match the ones on the original guide and coat them with epoxy.

How to Buy a Fishing Rod on eBay

If you are looking to buy a fishing rod or replacement parts, check out what eBay has to offer. Before making any purchase, you should review the feedback tool. This gives you a chance to see what other buyers have said about a specific rod or replacement parts. You might want to start out with a keyword search by typing appropriate phrases into the search box. Fishing is a fun and relaxing activity that the whole family can enjoy. Once a fisherman learns some basic repair techniques, he or she can fix a rod instead of just throwing it out if there is any problem.

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