How to Repair a GE Washer

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How to Repair a GE Washer

Produced by a respected name in home appliances, GE washers work to combat stains and deep-down dirt and keep clothes looking newer longer. Over time, especially with frequent use and lack of regular cleaning and maintenance, washers can experience lack of water flow, non-working agitators, and other problems, but with a bit of troubleshooting and light repair, owners can bring their washers back to normal operating condition and extend the life of the machine. Whether the tools and parts come from a local shop or online at eBay, a bit of research into the proper repair methods for a GE washer saves money by allowing even novice owners the opportunity to perform their own maintenance and repair tasks.

Repairing a GE Washer

Before commencing work, take a few minutes to prepare the work area, including spreading out a plastic tarp to prevent water damage to the floor. Also, remove parts from their packaging and arrange all tools within easy reach for a smoother process.

GE Washer Repair Tools and Materials

Depending on the repair needed, owners need a few specific replacement parts and tools to complete the job.

Tools and Materials


Torx T-20 screwdriver or drill tip

To remove screws

Cordless drill

Works with bits to remove screws

Replacement GE drive belt

Uses energy from motor to turn agitator

Replacement GE inlet water valve

Ensures full flow of hot, warm, and cold water

Wire brush

To clean washer parts

Large tarp

To protect work area and floor from damage

After acquiring the needed parts and organising the tools, owners are ready to inspect the GE washer and perform any needed repairs.

Check the Wall Plug

When the washer refuses to turn on and the controls do not respond, an unseated wall plug can be the culprit. Playful pets or a vigorous wash cycles contribute to this problem and a quick way to solve it is to slide the washer out a few inches, fully unplug the cord, and then reattach the power plug to ensure a full connection.

Replacing the Water Valve

One common complaint of owners is that the water does not flow as intended or does not turn on at all, so owners should check the water valve. Begin by unplugging the washer and turning off the water supply. Then, owners should remove the four screws of holding the control panel on using a Torx T-20 screwdriver or specialty bit attached to a cordless drill, and pull the panel cover down to access the components. Owners can usually find the control panel at the top or on the front of the machine near the knobs that control the speed and temperature.

Unhook the clamp holding the water hose to the valve and pull gently to remove the hose as well as the wire harnesses attached to the water valve. After unscrewing the two mount screws with a screwdriver or drill, gently pull the component out to remove it. To replace it, complete the same process in reverse.

Installing a New Drive Belt

When non-working agitator problems begin to plague wash cycles, owners should inspect the drive belt. Ensure all water drains from the tub and then unplug the machine, turn the hot and cold water connections off, and disconnect the hoses from the back of the washer. Carefully lay the machine on its side, allowing full access to the bottom of the machine, and unscrew the fasteners along the top and two side edges. Pull the access panel down to expose the belt area and unhook the broken belt before discarding.

Using the wire brush, go over the belt track lightly in a back and forth motion to remove any oil or debris and then thread the new belt onto first the top and two bottom pegs. Then reattach the cover, set the washer upright, attach the hoses, and plug in the machine.

How to Buy a GE Washer or Repair Tools on eBay

Whether the GE washer needs small repairs or more intensive maintenance, owners can find the hand tools and compatible components they need on eBay. To locate anything from a screwdriver to a drive belt, you can use specific and precise keywords like "GE washer water valve" or "T-20 screwdriver" when using the eBay Search bar found on any page of the site. This brings up listings from individual sellers and eBay Stores . You can also search the home and lifestyle Daily Deals. After your purchase arrives, you can complete your GE washer repair quickly and easily following a few simple steps.

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