How to Repair a Garage Door Opener

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How to Repair a Garage Door Opener

A device intended to save time and energy by raising and lowering the garage door with the push of a button, a garage door opener can experience problems such as a lapse in communication with the control unit, jamming, or lack of power. To combat these problems and get the opener back into operating condition, a bit of troubleshooting and a few simple repairs can resolve any transmission problems or shorts and return the controller to normal condition. A quick peek into the proper repair methods allows owners to make the repairs with confidence and gives them the opportunity to save money over buying a new opener, whether the materials and tools come from a local hardware centre or eBay.

Assessing the Condition of the Garage Door Opener

When the garage opener first begins not responding, sticking, or only opening the door halfway, a bit of preliminary troubleshooting sometimes solves the problem. Begin with a fresh battery in the opener and check all plugs for proper connection. If that does not remedy the situation, check to see if any obstructions exist that block the frequency, such as thick cobwebs, hanging storage, or items near the opener rails. Other problems garage door openers experience include a miscommunication in frequency between the opener and the sensor, a stuck or jammed button, and tension screws that have come unseated.

Gathering Materials Needed for the Repair

In order to remedy any of the three major door opener problems, owners need some tools and materials. Gathering these tools before starting work can save time.

Tools and Materials


Ladder or step stool

Allows operator to reach the opener unit

Paper clip or straight pin

Allows operator to press the reset button

White lithium grease or WD-40


Cotton swabs

Used to apply lubricant in small amounts


For removing button for screw tightening

Mini screwdriver set

To tighten or loosen screws

Lint-free towel

Protects work surface

Armed with the proper materials, owners can begin the processes.

How to Repair a Garage Door Opener

Before attempting any repairs to the garage door opener, spread the clean, lint-free towel out to place small parts on such as screws, metal rings and springs.

Resetting the Opener Frequency

A change in frequency causes the door lift mechanism to lose communication with the opener. While the process varies slightly between brands, the general process involves unrolling the paper clip or using a straight pin and pressing the reset button on the controller for a count of 10. Then, press the main button on the opener until the sensor on the ceiling-mounted mechanism starts to flash. This quick process restores communication between the device and the remote.

Remedying a Stuck Garage Door Opener Button

With frequent or uneven presses, the control button on the opener can stick or become unseated. A quick way to solve this problem is switching the system to the Off position and using a cotton swab to apply a small amount of white lithium grease around the button or spraying the crevice of the button lightly with a lubricant like WD-40. Owners can also open the remote using mini screwdrivers and lightly apply the product from the inside. Afterwards, owners can flip the system back to the On position and continue operation as usual.

Tightening Tension Screws

When a press of the opener button causes the door to open only halfway, owners usually need to adjust the roof-mounted tension screws. Climb the ladder or step stool to access the unit and, turning one screw at a time, twist the "up" screw a half turn and attempt to open the door again. Repeat the process with the "down" screw and again test the door opening mechanism by pressing the button on the controller once. Repeat the process using small half turns until the opener fully opens and closes with ease.

How to Buy Garage Door Opener Parts on eBay

To give your garage door opener the best possible chance of getting back into full operation, find the proper tools, testers, and components you need to do the job right on eBay in the general listings as well as eBay Stores and the tools Daily Deals pages. Instead of using "garage opener repair materials", make the most use out of the eBay Search bar by choosing more specific terms like "mini screwdriver set" or "white lithium grease". This saves searching time. Once your tools and parts arrive, you can resolve your garage door opener problems in a short time span following a few simple steps.

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