How to Repair a Glass Window

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How to Repair a Glass Window

Virtually everyone has dealt with a broken window, thanks to a game of catch gone awry, a bout of bad weather, or a mishap in the kitchen. All of these occurrences easily lead to broken windows around the home. For the obvious reasons of safety and keeping out the elements, insects, and wildlife, a broken window is not a repair that can usually wait for a later time. Many homeowners feel inclined to call for help with the repairs because they are under the impression that repairing a broken window is not a do-it-yourself activity, but that is not always the case. With the right knowledge and tools, a homeowner can often repair a broken window.

Measurements and Tools

The first and most critical step in repairing a glass window is purchasing the appropriate size replacement glass. Using measuring tape, a steady hand, and a very keen eye, the user measures the size of the panes that require replacement. These measurements are not of the original glass panes, but from groove to groove within the panes. Additionally, quite a few tools help with the installation process.



Protective Gloves

Guard hands from glass shards

Protective Goggles

Guard eyes from glass shards


Scrape putty off the panes

Remove glazing points

Heat Gun

Heat putty to the point of greater malleability

Putty Knife

Remove glazing points


Keep the glass panes in place with the frames

In some cases, additional components are necessary to complete the repair. This may include special glass panels or framing materials if window frames suffer damage along with the glass.

Removing Broken Glass

When it comes to fixing a broken glass window, one of the most important steps in the process is to remove all the broken glass in the window. Even if the window is only cracked, it is the easiest and safest approach for the homeowner to simply remove all the shards of glass. This task requires great caution, as any shards of glass, no matter how small, are extremely dangerous. Protective gloves and protective goggles help ensure no stray pieces of glass cause any harm. Pliers are the best choice for removing large shards of glass still attached to the windowpane. All glass requires prompt and correct disposal to avoid the possibility of future danger.

Removing Old Putty

A heat gun and a chisel are necessary for the next step in repairing a broken glass window. Putty keeps the glass in a window attached to the windowpane. In order to properly repair a broken window, the user removes the window's old putty to make room for the application of new putty. Most putty is quite hard and seems impossible to remove. However, a heat gun helps slowly warm the putty before scraping it with a chisel. All of the putty requires removal. This process often seems time-consuming and difficult, but the heat gun eventually warms up all the putty for removal.

Removing Glazing Points

Hidden underneath the old putty are glazing points used to help keep the glass in place. These old glazing points require removal to make way for new ones. Glazing points look like triangular metal darts. A putty knife or a chisel should help with extracting the glazing points for discarding. New glazing points are necessary later in the repair process.

Inserting the New Pane

Once the user removes the glazing points, he or she applies a new layer of putty. The putty should not be more than approximately a quarter of a centimetre thick and needs to sufficiently cover the entire groove where the new windowpane installs. This first layer of putty is necessary to provide an ample cushion for the glass and to help seal in the glass to prevent air leaks. Once this putty is in place, the user carefully presses the new glass panel into the layer of putty. He or she then inserts at least two new glazing points per section directly above the new glass in the wooden pane. After the firm insertion of the glazing points, a new thick layer of putty pressed against the glass and the groove holds the glass in place. Once the putty dries, a fresh coat of paint over the putty and repaired area makes the window look as good as new.

How to Buy Window Repair Tools on eBay

Home improvement is a difficult task to accomplish, whether it involves painting a new room or repairing a broken window. However, many homeowners fail to realise how simple some seemingly daunting tasks really are. Just a bit of background knowledge and a few tools often provide the solution to countless home repair issues. eBay provides a great marketplace for quick and easy searches for common home repair tools. eBay Deals also serve as a great resource for cost-efficient purchases, all with the ease of shopping from home. With eBay's efficient tools at a user's disposal, repairing a glass window is often a simple task.

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