How to Repair a JURA Coffee Machine

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How to Repair a JURA Coffee Machine

Jura home coffee machines and Jura commercial espresso machines have in common complex mechanisms that produce delectable espressos and capucchinos. When poorly maintained, they produce funky brews at best and leak all over the counter at worst. Weird tasting coffee often results when an automatic coffee machine is not cleaned often enough. Moulds and fungus grow where coffee grounds belong and the brew is adulterated. Juras leak when O-rings and gaskets fail. Their internal coffee grinders can grind to a halt when clogged with oils from coffee beans. To keep your Jura coffee maker in best working order, here is a how-to guide for several basic repairs.

Repair a Water Leak

Clear leaks are water, not coffee, and come from parts of the Jura coffee machine that precede coffee making. The first repair to try is descaling the coffee maker with cleaning tablets. These remove any built-up calcium deposits that may be blocking water flow. Jura recommends running a cleaning cycle for on-going maintenance every 180 pulls. A new water filter can prevent future calcium build up. Jura recommends changing the water filter monthly. Some users prefer filtering their water at the tap or using a filtration pitcher for the water to be used in the automatic coffee maker.

If those do not resolve the leak, then there may be a leak in the pump. An O-ring or gasket may need replacement. The membrane controller, located just below the pump, may also be worn and require replacement.

Clean the Brew Group

Ill-tasting coffee often results from a dirty brew group. The brew group is the part of the espresso machine where ground coffee is compressed into a 'puck' and hot water poured over to produce coffee. This part of the machine becomes extremely dirty from spilled coffee, ground beans, and calcium buildup from hard water. To make matters worse, fungus and bacteria grow on the spills and ground coffee, Jura recommends that the brew group be cleaned and sanitized at least once every six months. Home users often can go longer between cleanings. The drain valve itself is the dirtiest area and should be replaced every six months. Lubricate and replace O-rings as needed with O-rings appropriate to the specific machine.

To gain access to the brew group in many popular models, remove the water tank. Remove the four oval-head screws on the rear of the machine using aspecial tool or grab the screws with a wide-head pliers or similar tool. Consider replacing the screws with standard screws for future convenience. Remove the screws on the front of the machine, under the water cover and the coffee hopper cover, with a standard screwdriver. This allows removal of the top cover and both side panels. A Torx screw and a notch latch hold the water inlet valve in place. Once the valve and its housing are removed, four Torx screws on the right and two on the left side hold the brew group in place. After removing them, the brew group slides out to the side for cleaning and any required maintenance.

Keeping the pre-ground-coffee port clean is one way to reduce the growth of moulds and fungus. This area is often accessible without any disassembly and can be cleaned daily.

Fix Broken Grinder

The Jura's built-in grinder sometimes gets stuck, often with a cluster of beans still waiting to be ground. Ironically, the problem may be caused by the aromatic oils that help give coffee its flavour. The heated oils jam the grinder instead of lubricating it. Take paper towelling and wipe down all internal surfaces until the towelling comes away clean. This simple fix repairs many grinder problems.

If not, remove the grinder for more thorough examination. Remove the three screws that hold it in place and lift it out. Pop the grinder out of its bracket using a flat head screwdriver to open the clips. Lubricate sprockets with a food-grade oil and replace it. If it still does not work, replace the grinder with a new one. Those familiar with electrical motors may wish to more completely disassemble the grinder in hope of locating a small part, such as a bearing or bushing, that has failed. These parts are common to small motors and available from any electrical supplier.

How to Buy JURA Coffee Machine Parts on eBay

Many kinds of Jura coffee machines are used in homes and businesses. When they work well, they prepare delicious espressos and cappuccinos. Happily, owners may perform many repairs, so there is no need to wait for a repair shop.

A Jura tool gives owners access to the brew group for key maintenance. Jura coffee maker parts from Sellers around the world may be found on eBay. Check eBay Deals for their daily offers, or use the Search window on any page to locate the desired items. If it is unclear whether the item fits a specific Jura coffee machine model, " Ask a question" of the Seller before buying. Getting you exactly what you need to repair your Jura is precisely what eBay Sellers want to accomplish.

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