How to Repair a Linoleum Floor

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How to Repair a Linoleum Floor

Linoleum is a common flooring choice for many bathrooms and kitchens because it is inexpensive and versatile. Even though this flooring material is strong, damage can occur. If that happens, homeowners do not have to replace the whole floor or even get a professional in to repair it. Making repairs to linoleum flooring is easy and any homeowner can do it with some simple tools. For small repairs, it may only be necessary to glue the edges back together, but for more significant repairs it is likely necessary to remove the damaged section of floor and then put a patch over it. Once a homeowner learns how to make these repairs, he or she can keep the linoleum floor looking as good as new.

Types of Linoleum Flooring

A homeowner may not be aware that there are actually different types of linoleum flooring. This includes sheet linoleum, linoleum tile flooring, and floating linoleum.



Sheet linoleum

Comes in sheets
Inexpensive and easy to lay down

Linoleum tile flooring

Comes in tiles and is more durable
Easy to replace individual tiles

Floating linoleum

Has click-and-lock edges
Easy to install

These are just a few of the different kinds of linoleum flooring available, and one can find many different linoleum patterns and colours.


Before beginning to make repairs, gather up the tools necessary for the job. The repair requires a number of tools that are fairly common, including a flat head screwdriver, tweezers, and a hair dryer. In addition, the linoleum repair requires a tube of caulk, something heavy such as a brick, and a towel. It is also important to thoroughly clean the area before starting any repair. This helps ensure that dust or dirt is not going to get mixed into the caulk.

Types of Repairs

Before starting any repair, owners need to figure out how bad the damage is. If there is only a minor tear, then it may be possible to glue the tiles back together. If the damage is more severe, the easiest thing to do is replace the damaged tiles.

Small Repairs

When making small repairs, begin by heating the area with the hair dryer. The material is more pliable when it is warm, so it is easier to push the seams of the pieces together. It is a good idea to use thescrewdriver and tweezers to do this and work slowly to prevent damaging the floor. It may be necessary to reheat the area throughout the repair. After aligning the edges of the tear, then spread caulk onto the seam. It is important to put enough caulk to create a strong bond at the seam. As it begins to cool, the homeowner has to be sure to spread it out to make the area smooth.

Large Repairs

When making larger repairs on the floor, owners follow a similar process. Autility knife or linoleum scissors are both useful for cutting the damaged portion out. One of the most challenging things when working with linoleum can be making sure the repair fits the pattern on the existing floor. If the design has lines or circles then it is much easier to make a repair that is not noticeable. If the floor has an unusual pattern then it is harder to make the repair inconspicuous if there is no patterned linoleum left over from the original job. As a last resort, it is possible to cut out a section from a part of the floor where it is not going to be noticed.

The next step is to align the pattern of the scrap piece as closely as possible with the floor and then cut it down to the right size. It needs to be a perfect fit or there could be problems. The homeowner then attaches the patch with linoleum adhesive. It is important to wipe away any extra adhesive so it does not dry on the floor. A brick or other heavy item can be put over the spot to hold the patch down until it dries.

How to Buy Linoleum Flooring on eBay

If you want to purchase or repair linoleum flooring, then eBay has everything you need. Because the site has so many products to browse through, you may want to start looking with a keyword search. You can type phrases into the search box and then browse through the listings until you find what you want. Linoleum flooring is so common that most homeowners have it in at least one room. By knowing how to repair this kind of flooring, a homeowner does not have to worry about calling a professional in to do the work. Even large repairs can be relatively simple to make and do not require many materials.

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