How to Repair a Motorcycle Seat

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How to Repair a Motorcycle Seat

A frayed or damaged seat can make a motorcycle look bad, and while replacing a damaged motorcycle seat is always an option, a number of people choose to repair their seats on their own. Luckily, motorcycle owners do not require much when it comes to repairing a motorcycle seat besides some basic knowledge and access to the right supplies.

When it comes to looking for supplies like leather seat covers or vinyl seat covers, buyers should pay attention to aspects like quality and pricing because they can vary from one alternative to the next. When buying supplies, while buyers have the option to turn to shops that sell motorcycle parts and accessories, they can also find numerous options when shopping on sites such as eBay.

How to Repair Motorcycle Seat Cover Tears

Repairing tears in motorcycle seat covers is not difficult. People can use leather and vinyl patches or special repair kits to repair tears.

Repairing Tears With Patches

Motorcycle owners can find both vinyl and leather patches to repair their seat covers. To get on with the repair work, people should first tidy the damaged portion, which can involve cutting frayed edges. The next step is to work a flat stick between the seat cover and the foam in the adjoining area so as to free the seat cover from the foam. Inserting the patch into this space follows. People can use tweezers to ensure that the patch inserts uniformly. With the patch in place, the next step is to apply glue on the top surface of the patch and the inner surface of the seat cover. Next, press these surfaces firmly together. The use of masking tape, taped vertically and diagonally across the tear, ensures that the patch affixes well. Allowing the tape to sit overnight is ideal.

Repairing Tears With Repair Kits

Motorcycle owners can find seat repair kits that can repair tears, rips, holes, gouges, and even burns. These kits repair small and large tears alike. Most such kits include filler material in different colours and different textures as well as repair compound. They also tend to include colour mixing charts, mixing bottles, and mixing spatulas. Motorcycle seat repair kits also include special glues and sealants, and the sealant comes into play once the glue has dried. Using these kits is easy because they come with step-by-step instructions.

How to Repair Motorcycle Seat Cover Foam

Repairing the foam of a motorcycle seat requires removing the seat from the motorcycle, and then removing the seat cover. Removing the seat cover can involve removing bolts that secure the grab strap, the seat lock tongue, the front and rear hinge plates, as well as the spring clips. An aluminium trim strip that runs around the seat, held in place with nails, also needs removal. While spring clips are easy to find and replace, the same is not the case with nails. Taking a picture of the undone seat at this point ensures that there is no problem during the installation process.

Starting from the bottom end, the seat cover is easy to free, although some seat covers tend to stick to foam. The next step is to cut the surrounding area of the damaged foam to create a well-defined notch, and then cut a matching block from the spare foam. When it comes to affixing the new piece of foam to the old seat, high strength adhesive does the trick.

The adhesive should dry before installing the seat cover back again. When installing the seat cover, ensuring a smooth wrinkle-free fit requires caution. In the presence of wrinkles, simply pulling back the cover creates a smoother surface.

Replacing a Motorcycle Seat Cover

Replacing a motorcycle seat cover presents motorcycle owners with two options in terms of materials. These include leather and vinyl, and as the corresponding table shows, they come with their share of pros and cons.





Does not tear easily

Offers greater comfort after break-in period

Preferred by most long distance riders

More expensive than vinyl

More difficult to maintain


Cheaper than leather

More durable in rough weather

More surface pattern options

Can present grip problems

Can get hot and sweaty in summers

People who opt for rain covers. On the other hand, a number of vinyl alternatives look and feel as good as leather and offer better protection against water.

How to Buy Supplies to Repair Motorcycle Seats on eBay

Online shoppers can find numerous motorbike deals from which to choose when shopping on eBay. Many top-rated sellers on eBay sell leather seat covers and vinyl seat covers as well as leather and vinyl repair kits. Buyers can also find supplies like foam padding, adhesives, patches, masking tape, and spring clips on this platform. People who wish to save money can find deals with free delivery. They also have the option to look for used motorcycle parts and accessories .

People should remember that while repairing a motorcycle seat may seem straightforward, knowing what the process entails is important. When dealing with extensive damage, people should consider investing in new seats because repairing badly damaged seats could involve even more expenses.

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