How to Repair a Nikon Lense

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How to Repair a Nikon Lense

Known around the world as dependable enhancements for Nikon cameras, the vast array of Nikon lense types perform tasks ranging from up-close macro shooting to long-distance wildlife and scenic vista capturing. After an accidental drop or frequent lens exchange, some of the parts tend to become sticky, break, or no longer work properly, so to save money and avoid buying a new and oft expensive replacement lens, many camera enthusiasts turn to self-repair to get their accessory back in working order. Whether the tools or parts come from a local camera shop or online at eBay, a bit of research into the common problems and simple fixes allow even novice camera owners to repair their lenses with confidence.

Repairing a Nikon Lens

Since small parts and delicate components come into play when working a Nikon lens, be proactive and cover the work surface with the light coloured towel or other cushioned material in order to reduce the instance of lost or damaged parts. In addition, arrange all necessary repair materials within easy reach to avoid scrambling for components mid-job.

Lens Repair Tools and Materials

To ensure quick repairs and a fully restored Nikon lens, owners can gather a short but specific list of materials before getting started, including anelectronics screwdriver set,tweezers, replacement lens mount to match the broken lens model, and white lithium grease. Other beneficial supplies include canned air, cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol, a towel, plastic or cotton gloves, and a small dish.

Replacing a Snapped Off Lens Mount

Unscrew the six screws around the rim of the broken lens mount with electronics screwdriver and remove with the tweezers, taking care to place them in the small dish to avoid losing them. Remove the plastic retainer piece, and, using the screwdriver again, remove the three screws located underneath and gently lift up the loosened lens mount ring and pop off the tether wire with the tweezers before discarding the broken mount.

To replace the ring, hold the new piece in one hand and use the other to connect the tether wire with the tweezers until it clicks into place. Line the long mounting rod up with the receiving indention and carefully slide the ring down into place before reattaching the three screws, the retainer piece, and the final six screws.

Fixing a Sticky Zoom Ring

With frequent settings changes, the zoom ring and extension features of the Nikon lens can stick. To begin this repair, don a pair of cotton or latex gloves to prevent fingerprints and dust transmission to the interior of the lens. Remove the ring surrounding the front lens element with the mini screwdriver and place the screws in the small dish. Gently pry the ring off with the tip of the screwdriver or tweezers, remove the three screws underneath to expose and remove the optical portion of the lens. Then remove three more screws to remove the second optical disc and access the interior of the lens. Carefully set aside all components in order of removal to facilitate reassembly.

Apply a very small amount of white lithium grease to a cotton swab and smooth it around the channels to provide a bit of light lubrication and let the compound dry for approximately two hours. Working in reverse, replace the second optical disc and three screws, the first optical piece and screws, and the outer ring and final six screws to restore the lens back to its original condition.

Removing Smudges and Dust

After careless handling by a child or deconstructing and reconstructing the lense, one common problem includes smudges and debris around the rim of the lense. To begin, slip on a pair of latex or cotton gloves and use a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to swipe across the lense surface and around the perimeter of the optical area. Follow with a quick buff using a soft, lint-free cloth to ensure a clean surface ready to snap the next photo.

How to Buy Nikon Lenses and Repair Materials on eBay

Whether you need tools to reach tiny screws or parts to repair broken components, you can find the items you need to make the proper repair of your Nikon lens on eBay. To locate the items, use specific terms like "electronics screwdriver set" or "white lithium grease". In addition to individual seller offerings, also check the electronics Daily Deals page as well as eBay Store listings to find a wider selection and discount prices. After repairing your Nikon lens, expect it to work just as well or better than before and feel confident knowing you saved money and learnt a new skill.

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