How to Repair a Pfaff Sewing Machine

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How to Repair a Pfaff Sewing Machine

High-quality sewing machines with many features, Pfaff sewing machines help consumers create beautiful quilts, accessories, clothing, and embroidered pieces. Though Pfaff machines last for years, sometimes issues occur from regular use. Instead of sending a machine off for costly repairs, troubleshoot the problem and see that repairs are doable at home to fix a broken machine or a misadjusted sewing machine.

Pfaff machines come in a variety of designs for all types of sewing, but many have the same issues in common, such as loose tension, lint build-up, or bent needles. Assess the issues and repair a Pfaff sewing machine on a budget before consulting a professional.

Adjust the Tension

Sometimes loose thread creates a problem when sewing. To fix this issue, adjust the tension of the thread to create the proper balance between the guides and the feed. If you are not sure the machine needs adjusting, check the last piece sewn. Marks of loose tension include broken thread in places and looped top stitches. Incorrect stitching occurs with a bad tension setting. To fix the tension, rethread the machine after thread and bobbin removal.

Use the sewing machine manual to adjust the guide settings properly for the specific model of Pfaff machine, and then sew a stitch while tightening the thread tension. Adjust the bobbin screw to create the perfect bobbin tension and continue to make tweaks until the stitch comes out properly with no additional loops or breaks. Ensure that the thread tension and the bobbin tension are set to create a small amount of resistance; neither should pull out simply. Ensure the tension discs are clean as well.

Clean Lint and Thread

Sometimes lint and pieces of thread build up in the machine and cause problems. To clean the machine of debris and thread, power the Pfaff sewing machine off and flip the switch to the off setting. Cut away thread pieces from the bobbin compartment using scissors. If thread builds up in the bobbin case, the machine ultimately quits, so keeping the compartment clean is necessary. Take off the needle and the foot pedal. Under the needle plate, there is an area where thread accumulates. To clean it safely, use canned air. Clean the hook rack the same way.

Maintain the Bobbin Case

A broken or dirty bobbin case compromises the entire sewing machine. To remove the broken bobbin case, adjust the wheel to create an upright needle position. Press on the feed dog to take away the metal plate in front of the bobbin case, and then pull it out. To clean the case, use a methylated cloth. This aids in lint and thread removal. Use a screwdriver to take apart the shuttle hook and clean it. Clean the entire area that houses the bobbin case and bobbin and reassemble it.

If cleaning the bobbin case does not fix the issue, adjust the bobbin case crankshaft. Another method of repair to try is to oil the bobbin case. Do this from time to time to keep the bobbin working correctly. If the bobbin case looks worn, replace it with a fresh one. Thread the bobbin correctly before each sewing session to avoid damage.

Fix a Broken Needle

It goes without saying that a broken or bent needle needs replacing. Sometimes when a sewing machine is not properly oiled, that causes a broken needle. Oil the machine per the manual and see if that fixes the issue. If not, screw the needle in tightly to avoid a jam and a bent needle. The needle may be old and simply requires replacement. Turn the dial or use a screwdriver to loosen the needle and insert a new one. Ensure it is tight before sewing.

Sewing Machine Tips

Owning a Pfaff sewing machine is a joy, but problems do occur even from careful use. Some issues include signs of a dirty machine or a clogged machine. Performing regular maintenance keeps the machine working efficiently.

Sewing Machine Care

Sewing Machine Repair

Oil the Pfaff sewing machine every 20 hours of sewing

Turn off and unplug the machine before repairing

Check the needle threading before each session

Use a small, soft brush to clean away lint and thread regularly

Keep backup sewing needles on hand for easy replacement

Use the Pfaff manual as a guide for repairs since each machine is different

For issues unfixable at home, consumers need professional help. One of these issues is the timing. If the timing is off, do not attempt to fix this at home. It may require professional servicing to avoid further damage.

How to Buy Pfaff Sewing Machine Repair Supplies on eBay

Get great deals on everything you need to keep your Pfaff sewing machine running smoothly and to create lovely sewing items. Search with keywords related to sewing machines on eBay, such as "Pfaff", and see what repair parts come up for your particular machine. Look for specific parts like a "bobbin case". Find parts from eBay Top-rated sellers for the best shopping experience.

Sewing is a fun and creative hobby, and using a high-tech

sewing machine

makes creating your own clothing and linens almost effortless. Keep your machine running for years with regular repair and maintenance, and avoid spending additional money on expensive repairs or replacing the machine.

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