How to Repair a Quartz Watch

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How to Repair a Quartz Watch

A beautiful piece of jewellery that is also highly functional, a quartz watch keeps precision time with the aid of quartz movements that usually derive power from a button cell battery. Over time, even the highest quality watches from world-famous brands lose their ability to keep time and require revitalisation with the aid of specialised tools to return them to working order. Whether owners get jeweller's tools and other parts needed to make these repairs from a local watch shop or online at eBay, they can use a few simple procedures to restore a quartz watch to full operation.

Assessing the Quartz Watch

To determine the kinds of repairs they need to do, owners can lay their watch out on a flat surface and examine the links, face, and timekeeping ability. With frequent wear, all quartz watches tend to slip out of time and cosmetic problems can turn a once gleaming watch into a timepiece that needs a bit of care.

Quartz Watch Repair Materials

To take care of the necessary repairs properly the first time, owners should gather a few simple tools and components.

Tools and Parts


Watch demagnetiser

Restore proper timekeeping ability

Jewellery screwdriver set or watchmaker tool kit

Open watch case and make repairs

Watch band

Hold watch on wearer's wrist


Revitalise quartz watch face

Towel or soft jeweller's pad

Protect work area and watch

Lint-free cloth

Spread paste and buff watch face to a shine

After procuring and assembling the watch repair tools and compounds, owners need a well-lit area in which to complete the repairs.

How to Repair a Quartz Watch

Before disassembling the watch, spread out a large towel or use a jeweller's pad to protect the work surface as well as the watch. Also, arrange the tools and other necessary materials in a nearby location to provide easy access.

Clearing Cloudy Watch Glass

Regular wear as well as accidental scrapes and bumps against hard surfaces can lead to little grooves in the watch face that cloud the surface and make it hard to see the time underneath. To fix this, spread a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on a section of the lint-free cloth and rub it onto the face of the watch in a circular motion, taking care to cover each portion of the surface. Continue rubbing it in for three to five minutes, working the paste deep down into the grooves to reduce the cloudy look. Using a clean corner of the cloth or a soft buffer from a nail kit, repeat the circular motion to buff the polish off.

Replacing the Watch Band

Weight loss, changing fashion styles, or band damage often mean owners need to install a new watch band. Place the watch face down on the soft surface, and, using the spring bar tool that comes in the watchmaker's kit, release one side of the pin where the band meets the watch head by pushing it in with gentle force. Pull the pin out, set it aside, and then repeat this process with the other side of the band.

Attach the new watch band by slipping the pin inside the strap, placing one side of the bar in its hole, and then using the spring bar tool to lever the second side into its hole. Repeat for the other side of the band.

Restoring Watch Movement to the Proper Rhythm

Owners can use a demagnetiser tool to restore proper timekeeping. To begin, plug the tool securely into a wall socket and place the watch face on the flat surface. Depress the button on the demagnetiser. Then, flip the watch, turning it over to the face down position. Repeat the button press once more and then remove the watch from the tool. This quick jolt helps quartz movements regain polar control and full timekeeping ability. It also eliminates slow ticking.

How to Buy a Quartz Watch and Repair Tools on eBay

Whether you need a set of specialised tools or a charge to keep accurate time, you can find all the components needed to complete a full quartz watch revitalisation on eBay in the general listings, eBay Stores, or the Daily Deals portion of the site. You can search using descriptive phrases like "watchmaker's tool kit" or "watch demagnetiser" in the Search bar on any page of the site This process returns a condensed pool of listings to browse. To keep your quartz watch in working order, you can replace the band and reset the timing easily with a few simple tools. You can also clean the face so that you can easily see the time.

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