How to Repair a Screen Window

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How to Repair a Screen Window

Screen windows are very useful to have in a home. Windows with screens allow homeowners to open their windows and let fresh air in without worrying about bugs or other critters getting into the house. However, despite their convenience, screen windows are also rather fragile. Because they are often made of a fine wire mesh, screens can easily tear and often need repairing. Homeowners who have screen windows and want to know more about how to repair their screens should read the information below. It can help them repair screen windows in their own home or find new screen windows to replace irreparable screen damage.

Screen Window Repair Basics

Repairing screen windows might seem like a daunting task, but it is one that amateurs, homeowners, and professionals can all do with a little care. Whether screens have punctures, scratches, or tears, there’s a way to fix the damage. Read more about the requirements and how to do the repairs below.

Screen Window Repair: Tools and Materials

To repair screen windows, one needs a few materials and tools. For small holes or tears, homeowners will need adhesive or epoxy. For larger damage, homeowners should purchase loose pieces of screen from which they can cut smaller patches. Homeowners should purchase screen made from the same materials as the screen in the window so that the appearance is consistent. If the screen has come apart from the frame, buyers will need a staple gun.

Removing the Screen Window

To repair the screen window, it’s often necessary to remove it from the window frame. Removing the window from the frame allows homeowners to apply a patch on a flat and even surface, and it also allows people to reattach loose screens easily. To remove a screen from the window, people should disengage any clips attached the screen and then find the side that has spring-like mechanisms by gently pressing against both sides. Push the screen toward the spring side to free the other side from the window frame and then pull the window inside by one side; then do the next. Once the screen is inside, lay it flat on a smooth surface to work on it.

Repairing the window

There are several different ways to repair a screen window, depending on the type of damage the window has. The repairs will differ depending on the size or type of rending. Read below to find out more about the different methods.

Small Holes and Tears

For screens that have small holes and tears, the repairs for a screen window are simple. The best way to repair a small hole or tear is to use epoxy or adhesive to fill in any holes. Nylon or fiberglass screens need repairing with instant adhesive. Metal screens require epoxy glue repair. Homeowners should simply apply the adhesive to the tear, allow to dry, and then replace the screen. For those who are unsure of what materials to get, many stores sell repair kits.

Large Holes and Tears

Large holes and tears in screen windows need patches to repair them properly. Homeowners should buy loose pieces of screen in the same material of their screen. Then, one should cut a patch from the loose piece of screen to affix to the damaged screen. Use epoxy glue for metal screens and instant adhesive to affix patches to nylon or fiberglass screens. Once one applies the patch, tape it down with painter’s tape to avoid getting glue on fingers while drying.

Installation of the Screen Window

Homeowners should wait until their repaired screen is completely dry to reinstall it. Once the screen has dried completely, one can re-install it in the same manner as they removed it. First, insert the side with the spring mechanism, followed by the other side. People should make sure to reinstate any clips they took off when removing the window.

Purchasing Screen-Repair Materials on eBay

Homeowners looking to repair screen windows can purchase materials to do so on eBay. The site has a great selection of materials to apply to the window and tools to remove and handle the window. Homeowners should use the search function to look for the materials they need. Shoppers should type in the tool or material they need and then browse through the results. On eBay, use filter functions to narrow down results and make the shopping experience easier. If windows are irreparable, eBay also has a selection of brand new screens to replace damaged screens with. Buyers should measure windows and previous screens to ensure they are buying a screen that fits correctly.

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