How to Repair a Sprinkler Pipe

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How to Repair a Sprinkler Pipe

An automated sprinkler system provides a convenient way to keep a lawn looking green and lush. Unfortunately, leaks and other damage in the sprinkler pipes can result in wasted water and even damage to a yard. Fortunately, it is possible to make repairs and maintain a sprinkler system yourself with some basic tools. You can obtain the parts you need from a hardware shop or from online sellers like those on eBay. Set aside a morning or afternoon to ensure you have enough time to perform the necessary steps, and in a few hours, you can have your sprinkler pipe patched up and restored to working order.

Tools and Supplies

There a several tools needed to properly repair your sprinkler line, some of which you may already own. Depending on the type of damage to your sprinkler system, you may not need all of the items listed.




Digs up earth to locate the sprinkler line

Pipe cutter

Severs the sprinkler line

Small, inexpensive cutters are available for sprinkler pipe


Connects a gap in sprinkler pipe for repairs

Two couplers are necessary for each repair

Couplers need to be straight, not curved

Ensure the couplers have a diameter large enough to accommodate the pipe

PVC primer

Cleans pipe in preparation for a coupler joint

PVC cement

Glues the coupler to existing pipe

Sprinkler line

Replaces damaged sections of pipe

Can be poly pipe or PVC


Protects hands from cuts and scrapes

Prevents contact with PVC glue

Although you can use either poly pipe or PVC for your sprinkler system, it is best to match the replacement with the existing pipe. In addition, replacement pipe needs to be same diameter as the original.

Identify the Pipe Leak

A leaking pipe prevents water from reaching certain areas of the yard. It can cause water to pool up and create muddy areas. However, water may not always appear on the surface. If pressure is low in a certain part of the system, check for areas that are greener than others. This area is likely the site of the leak.

Check the Location of Other Pipes in Your Yard

Determine the location of other pipes on your property before digging, such as those for water and electricity. Contact a pipe-finder service for the plans or other information about pipes on your property.

Turn Off the Sprinkler System

Turn off your system before performing any repairs to the sprinkler line. This prevents water waste and also makes the repair process easier.

Locate and Cut the Leaking Pipe

Begin by digging down into the soil at the spot of the leak. Locate the sprinkler pipe, and using a pair of pipe cutters, cut out the damaged section. For large leaks, cut away the pipe 4 to 5 inches on either side of the leak to ensure you remove all damaged or compromised pipe.

Prepare the Couplers

The sprinkler line needs to be clean and dry in order for the repair work to be successful. If the pipe has oil, grease, or grime on the ends, apply PVC primer to both ends to clean it. It is also best to apply the primer to the interior of your couplers.

Attach the Couplers

Next, apply PVC cement to each end of the pipe, as well as the inside of each coupler. Only use the cement on the ends of the couplers that you are immediately attaching. Push the couplers onto the ends of the sprinkler line as far as they can go. Now, cut a piece of PVC pipe to fill the gap between the two couplers. This piece needs to be long enough to cross the gap and also fit into the couplers. Apply PVC cement to the ends of the pipe and the interior of the couplers, and then connect them together.

Allow Cement to Dry

PVC cement has a drying time of roughly an hour. Allow it to sit for as long as the product package suggests before restoring water to the system. You may also wish to leave the repaired line uncovered until you are sure the repair work is a success.

How to Buy a Sprinkler Pipe on eBay

You can shop for sprinkler line and other components for your system from the sellers on eBay. Begin your search by entering keywords into the search field or by navigating category links. Try shopping for Deals to find the items you need at great prices.

Home sprinkler systems occasionally suffer damage and wear that result in leaks. Keep your work area dry and the ends of the pipe clean to ensure a strong connection. With a bit of work and a few basic tools, you can quickly restore your sprinkler pipe to working condition.

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