How to Repair a Thermarest

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How to Repair a Thermarest

Thermarest inflatable mattresses are known for their comfort and durability. They are ideal for camping, or as an extra bed for guests, and they come in a number of shapes and sizes. Though these mattresses are more durable than many other inflatable mattresses, they are susceptible to certain kinds of damage, including punctures, tears, and damaged valves. Fortunately, Thermarest offers mattress repair kits that make it possible to repair these issues. With just a little time, most people can repair their Thermarest mattress themselves.

Types of Thermarest Repair Kits

There are three main types of Thermarest repair kits, and each contains different materials. Before purchasing one, it is important to know what it includes.


Items Included

Thermarest Fast & Light Repair Kit

Three alcohol prep pads

Six glue dots

Three cover patches

Thermarest Universal Repair Kit

Hot bond adhesive

Three patches

Three alcohol prep pads

Wooden stick for spreading adhesive

Thermarest Valve Repair Kit

Replacement valve

One tube of valve adhesive

These kits are each ideal for different types of mattresses. The valve repair kit works with any Thermarest mattress. The Fast & Light repair kit works with smooth urethane mattresses, or textured mattresses, but not LuxuryCamp and LuxuryMap mattresses. The universal repair kit works on all types of Thermarest mattress.

How to Repair a Textured Thermarest Mattress

For all textured Thermarest mattresses except the LuxuryCamp and LuxuryMap models, the same type of repair works for punctures and tears. A Fast & Light repair kit or a universal repair kit fixes these mattresses. While tears are typically easy to locate, the first step toward repairing a puncture is locating it. The best way to locate a puncture is to cover the mattress in soapy water; dish soap works best. The air escaping from the puncture should cause the soap to bubble.

Next, dry the mattress completely and mark the puncture with a piece of tape or a marker. Take one glue dot and remove the white side of the film. Push the glue dot firmly onto the hole, and make sure it completely adheres to the fabric. For a larger puncture or a tear, overlap as many glue dots as necessary to completely seal the hole. Next, remove the film from the clear cover patch. With the sticky side of the patch facing downward, gently press it over the glue dots. Start in the centre of the patch and move outward, pushing air bubbles out and adhering the patch to the mattress.

How to Repair a Thermarest Mattress with a Smooth Urethane Surface

A mattress with a smooth urethane surface is the easiest kind of mattress to repair. Take a self-adhesive patch from a Thermarest repair kit and remove the paper from the sticky side. Next, centre the patch over the hole and firmly press it down. Starting in the centre and working outward, firmly press the patch to the mattress. Make sure that it is completely flat, with no air bubbles or wrinkles.

How to Repair a LuxuryCamp or LuxuryMap Thermarest Mattress

To repair a LuxuryCamp or LuxuryMap mattress using a universal repair kit, begin by boiling 500 ml of water. Once it is boiling, place a hot bond pouch into the water and allow it to boil for three minutes. Next, select a patch that covers the puncture or tear. Remove the hot bond adhesive from the water and tear a corner of the pouch. Apply the hot bond directly to the hole in the mattress, and use a wooden craft stick or other implement to spread it evenly. Peel the backing off a patch, and stick it over the hot bond. Press it firmly into the mattress and smooth it out to ensure there are no wrinkles or air bubbles.

How to Repair a Damaged Valve on a Thermarest Mattress

The first step toward repairing a damaged valve is to remove it from the mattress. To do this, grab it with a pair of pliers and tug sharply. Next, take the new valve from the valve repair kit and apply a thin layer of adhesive around the ribbed end of the new valve. Press and twist the new valve into the mattress, and allow it to dry for at least 12 hours before inflating the mattress.

How to Buy Materials to Repair a Thermarest on eBay

When it comes to buying materials to repair a Thermarest, eBay is an excellent resource. To find what you need, start by typing keywords into the eBay search bar, such as "Thermarest repair kit". To narrow results, select a category. Thermarest inflatable mattresses feature strong materials, but they can still puncture or rip. Fortunately, Thermarest repair kits make it easy to fix this damage. With a repair kit designed for your specific mattress, you can get it back to working order very quickly.

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