How to Repair a Trampoline Net

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How to Repair a Trampoline Net

A toy desired by children everywhere, trampolines are exciting pieces of play equipment that are well worth the often expensive initial cost. Trampolines are wonderful for young children's birthday parties, fun to use for all ages, and a good source of exercise. Since this piece of equipment is an investment, it is important for the trampoline owner to know general trampoline maintenance, as well as how to fix any tears or holes that may appear in the net. With this knowledge, the owner is able to keep his or her trampoline in good condition for years. New and used tools for repairing and maintaining a trampoline can easily be found on eBay.

Patch Repair

An important tip for all trampoline owners to remember is that home repairs are just as effective as professional repairs only if the holes or tears are less than 2.5 cm (one inch) in width. If the tear is larger than that, it is safer and smarter to replace the entire trampoline net. If, however, the tear is only 2.5 cm in width, then the consumer can proceed with a patch repair. The first step is to mark the tear or tears with a piece of duct tape. Then, the entire trampoline net can be taken off the frame, by removing the springs from their frame holes.

Next, the user must lay the trampoline net flat on the ground so the length and width of the tears can be measured. With these measurements, the consumer can cut some trampoline mat repair material that fits over the tear. Two pieces need to be cut; the two layers of fabric "sandwich" the tear, with one layer on each side of the tear. To secure the repair material over the tear, sew the fabric onto the rest of the mat with thick nylon thread and a commercial-grade sewing machine, or any other machine or needle that can handle nylon thread. To make sewing easier, the user can pin the fabric to the rest of the mat. After the patch is attached, the net can be reattached to the frame and jumping can be resumed.

Duct Tape Repair

To repair holes and tears in a trampoline net, one can simply apply a layer of duct tape that is 2.5 cm (one inch), larger than the affected area and press it down till it is firmly applied. Apply multiple layers of duct tape so rain and wind do not affect the repair. Before allowing children onto the trampoline again, the user should first push the damaged area of the trampoline down with both hands, then jump on it gently to insure that the repair is stable. Industrial-strength duct tape is recommended.

Trampoline Maintenance

Keeping a trampoline in top-notch condition doesn't necessarily entail buying lots of tools and accessories; one of the most important aspects of good trampoline maintenance is simply paying close attention to the current condition of one's trampoline, and noting any presence of wear, tears, holes, bent or loose frames, or missing parts. This type of precautionary maintenance helps keep the trampoline users safe and extends the life of this special piece of equipment. To protect the springs from excess weather exposure, the user can purchase a trampoline cover that covers the edge of the equipment.

Winter Care

A simple but vital task of winter care of a trampoline is merely keeping snow, sleet, and ice off the equipment. However, even this chore can be avoided by investing in an all-weather cover, which is ideal if the trampoline is not used much during the cold season. Vinyl protection spray can be purchased and sprayed on the trampoline jumping mat to prolong the life of the pad, along with tie-down kits that keeps the trampoline stable during windy days.

How to Buy Trampoline Net Repair Tools on eBay

Exposure to the elements, lots of use, accidents, and pet exposure can lead to worn-out nets, and every trampoline owner encounters a tear at some point. However, you can help prevent accidents at the very least by purchasing a trampoline that includes a safety net . You can find this type of trampoline, in different sizes and at different prices, on eBay. To start shopping, go to theeBay website and type in the name of the product you want to find into the search box, such as " trampoline". From there, you can easily find the exact product you want by selecting certain categories to search by, such as features, size, price, condition, and more. You can also check out the eBay Deals for great bargains.

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