How to Repair a Water Damaged iPhone 5

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How to Repair a Water Damaged iPhone 5

Water damage can make any electronic device completely unusable and this is true for the iPhone 5 as well. Unfortunately, the danger of water damage is present in the life of any iPhone user. Whether the owner spills coffee on the table where he or she keeps the iPhone or drops the phone in a puddle of water while searching for the car keys in the pocket, there are many dangers that can ruin an iPhone 5 in just a second. Fortunately, water damage does not necessarily mean that the owner cannot use his or her iPhone anymore. By learning the basics of stopping water damage from destroying an iPhone, users can save their iPhone by acting fast the next time the device gets in contact with water.

Treat Any Spill as an Emergency

When the iPhone 5 gets in contact with water, the phone's survival largely depends on how quick the user responds to the emergency. The first thing to do for a water-damaged iPhone 5 is to switch it off immediately. This is essential for saving the circuit board of the phone from short-circuit. If short-circuiting happens, this may fry the iPhone's motherboard. If the iPhone 5 gets in contact with any other liquid than water, such as coffee or soda, users should make sure they wipe down everything carefully and make sure the surface of the phone does not remain sticky.

Remove the Liquid

As soon as the user manages to get the phone out of the water, he or she should try to dab off as much liquid as possible. If the phone has a case or screen protector, users should remove it. With a cotton bud, users should try to get all the liquid from the charging port and headphone. To be sure most of the liquid is out of the phone, users may shake the phone in order for any loose water droplets to get out via the bottom connector and headphone jack. Users should then gently remove the motherboard, battery, and any other components that water spillage has affected. Paying attention to the connectors, the user should clean off all the components before assembling the phone back.

Use the Rice Method

Even though it may seem odd, submerging a water-damaged iPhone into a bowl of uncooked rice may be the right thing to do in order to save the phone. Users should get a zip-lock bag, fill it with white rice, and put the iPhone 5 in it. After sealing the bag, they should place it in a warm place for about 24 to 48 hours. The place should be warm, but not too hot. It takes about one or two days for the rice to draw out all the moisture from the phone. After this, users can power their phone back on. This method may not work in all cases, so those who do not see the white apple on the screen of their phone when booting up may need to take their iPhone to a specialist. iPhone owners can also try silica gel instead of rice.

Buy iPhone Water Damage Repair Kits

For those who think the rice method is too risky or odd a way to repair their water-damaged iPhone 5, buying an iPhone water damage repair kit may be a better option. However, most water damage repair kits use the same principle as the rice method to repair an iPhone 5 that got into contact with any sort of liquids.


Supplies Needed


Submersion in rice

Uncooked rice

Zip-lock bag


Supplies easily available

Using water damage repair kit

iPhone repair kit

Moisture indicator

Instructions available

These kits usually contain a resealable aluminium pouch that acts as a barrier to moisture, as well as a special compound that pulls the liquid and vapours from the phone. Some of the kits come with a moisture indicator, so users can find out easily when the phone is dry, which is an advantage compared to the rice method.

How to Buy an iPhone 5 Water Damage Repair Kit on eBay

eBay is a great place for buying an iPhone water damage repair kit, mostly because there are so many models available. To find such a kit, type the words 'iPhone 5 water damage repair kit' intoeBay's search bar. Many kits are suitable for multiple phone models, so it is important to read the instructions carefully before making a purchase.

Water damage happens all the time when it comes to phones, but this does not mean you have to think about buying a new phone. Using these methods to repair a water-damaged iPhone kit may work wonders for your phone and allow you to use it again.

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