How to Repair an Electric Stove

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How to Repair an Electric Stove

A main fixture in most homes around the world, the electric stove comes with an attached oven and either a coil top or a piece of flat, heat-conducting glass to heat pots and pans of all sizes. Even with the most careful use and upkeep, electric stoves can experience trouble from time to time that demands quick attention to continue proper operation. Stoves can experience smoking, non-working elements, and inoperable broiler elements. Fortunately, owners can complete these repairs in the span of a few hours using tools and parts procured from a local hardware store or eBay coupled with proven repair methods.

Troubleshooting an Electric Stove

Since the electric stove belongs to the major appliance category, dozens of systems work together to ensure the burners heat food effectively and the elements inside the oven bake and crisp dishes to an appetising finish. In addition to checking for the presence of smoke and burning smells, also turn on and check the heating power of each of the burners as well as the broiler element.

Electric Stove Repair Materials

To repair the electric stove in a quick and efficient manner, owners should gather some tools and materials before beginning.

Tools and Materials


Oven cleaner

Removes baked-on food and grease

Scrub brush

Aids in removing greasy residue

Replacement stove coil

Replaces broken or missing heating coil

Replacement broiler oven element

Replaces non-working broiling element in the oven

Screwdriver set

Removing and attaching screws

Owners should be sure to wear safety gear like safety goggles, a mask, and gloves to protect themselves while working on their electric stoves.

How to Repair an Electric Stove

Before starting repairs, owners should unplug the electric stove from the wall as well as gather the tools and materials to complete the job close to the work area.

Taking Care of Smoking and Burning Smells

Food spills can cause smoking and a sharp burning smell not only inside the oven, but also underneath the burner pans on top of the stove. To remedy this residue problem in the oven, remove the racks and spray oven cleaner along the bottom and sides of the cooking area, taking care not to spray the broiler coil. For the top of the stove, remove the burner coils and drip pans and spray the residue inside the circular area.

Follow the manufacturer's directions for allowing the cleaner to site and then remove the residue with a scrub brush and wipe the stove clean with a damp cloth or paper towelling.

Swapping Out Missing or Broken Element Coils

Typically, stoves have two large coils and two smaller ones and with damage or heavy use, they can stop working. Owners can easily repair broken element coils. They can remove the old heating coil with a gentle pull, replace with the new part, plug the oven back in, and test the burner.

Repairing the Broiling Coil

The broiler element can also stop working. To begin this repair, owners can unplug the stove from the wall and open the door of the oven, to access the cooking area. On the top of the oven or broiler, look for the two mounting screws in the middle of the element that hold it to the ceiling and unscrew them with a flat head screwdriver.

With a gentle pull in an outward motion, owners can remove the coil and replace it with a new part of the same size. Owners can gently push the broiling coil into place and attach the new element with the mounting screws on either side of the part, tightening them completely with the flat head screwdriver. They should then close the oven door and plug the appliance back into the wall before testing the new element's function and resuming normal use.

How to Buy Electric Stove Repair Materials on eBay

Whether you need a repair component or a few hand tools, you can find all the items needed to repair your electric stove on eBay in the general listings or on the Deals page of the site. Use detailed keyword phrases such as "electric stove broiler coil" or " small electric stove element" in the Search bar on any page of the site.

Electric stove owners can easily repair broken or missing coils as well as eliminate strong odours from spills by following a few simple procedures. They can find replacement parts locally or on eBay and complete the repair in a matter of hours.

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