How to Repair an HTC Phone

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How to Repair an HTC Phone

New HTC generations pop up every year, but this does not mean phones should last only for a small period of time. Those who wish to keep their phone longer should be prepared for defects to occur. HTC phones are very durable, but as all electronics, they are susceptible to component wear and physical damage. Of course, almost all damage is repairable, but the question is whether it is actually worth it. The value of a phone drops over time, and after a while, any repair can cost more than the phone itself. Users can try to fix their phones by themselves and at least cut added costs by the repair person. Some repairs are not that difficult and users can complete them by following simple guidelines.

Display Trouble

The screen is a big part of the HTC phone and it can often be the source of trouble. It is fragile compared to other parts and it is among the first to sustain damage from a fall. Depending on the model, the display repair can be very different. A good number of HTC phones have a touch screen, but there are some that still use the QWERTY keyboard. If the display does not have a touch functionality, than the repair becomes easier. Touch screen models have a two-layered display, which is harder to diagnose and fix. Users need to consult a manual about how to do the repair procedure on any individual HTC model, but there are some universal rules. Examine the edges of the display and determine what locking mechanism holds it in place. Release the display from the locking mechanism and do not use any force to remove it.

Layered Display

If it is a layered display model, it is possible that one of the screens is still usable. Users can separate the LCD from the digitizer layer and reuse the one that seems to be working. A crack on a screen might just be a crack on the digitizer, especially if the display still shows true colour and no dead pixels. On the other hand, if the touch functionality is not disturbed, but there are odd colours, dim light or dead pixels, it means the LCD is faulty.

Water Damage

Water can wreak havoc on electronics, and phones are no exception. Even a small quantity of water at the wrong place can cause permanent damage to all electrical circuits inside the phone. Water goes in from all cracks, and it can fill every small void. It can stay inside the phone for weeks, effectively making it unusable. However, users should not lose hope. Even if the phone shows no life at all after water exposure, it may still be salvageable.

To dry out all water from the insides, simply use a bag of rice. Remove the lid and the battery from the phone and put all the parts inside a bag of rice. Rice acts as a dehumidifier, as it takes in all water from its surroundings. Leave the phone for a day or two and then try to turn it on again. If the water has not caused any permanent damage, the phone should turn on. Never use heat to remove the water. Though it can be an effective method for drying other things, in electronics its presence can be damaging. Many components inside a phone are heat sensitive, and the increase in temperature can create even bigger damage than the water.

QWERTY Keyboard

QWERTY keyboards are durable and they can last for a long time. However, those who text a lot can notice that some keys become less sensitive over time. This problem becomes more bothersome as it spreads to more keys, and after a while, some of them may even stop working completely. The keyboard has a modular design and users can easily replace it. Each HTC model has its own corresponding keyboard model and there are no substitutes. Seek the right keyboard using the HTC model. HTC always releases spare parts for their phones, so it should not be a problem to locate a new one. The manufacturer anticipates repairs of this type, so there should be detailed information on how to perform the replacement.

How to Buy Supplies for Repairs on eBay

eBay has a nice selection of replacement parts and supplies you might need to fix a HTC phone. There are many vendors who offer spare parts at competitive prices and their merchandise can be either brand new or second hand. Some vendors even make a living out of disassembling old phones for parts. They care about their reputation and only sell items that are in good working condition. To locate an offer on an item you need, simply use the search bar. If it is a replacement part, note the HTC model in the query. This way, eBay returns a highly relevant set of results. You can additionally manage these results by applying filters and selecting subcategories. Be sure to always check eBay Deals for any special, one-off bargains.

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