How to Repair an LCD TV Screen

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How to Repair an LCD TV Screen

A common fixture in living rooms, bedrooms, and playrooms around the world, LCD TVs derive power from a lamp and millions of pixels that enable the device to broadcast news programmes, sports, and family programming of all types. With regular use and thousands of hours of watching, small problems like dim pixels and scratches tend to inhibit viewing pleasure, but owners can repair these issues with a bit of knowhow and a free afternoon. Whether owners get the materials from a local electronics store or online at eBay, they can save money over buying a new TV by using common tools and components to make small fixes that add up to a better performing television set.

Repairing an LCD TV Screen

Before starting the repair process, owners should slip on a pair of cotton gloves to protect the screen as well as delicate television components. It is also a good idea to arrange all of the repair materials in a nearby location to speed up the repair process.

Troubleshooting the LCD TV Screen

Before beginning any repairs, owners can troubleshoot the LCD TV to make sure that malfunctions exist because of real problems and not just a miscommunication between the remote control and the television or wayward settings. If pointing the remote at the TV and pressing the on/off button does not garner the proper response, replace the old batteries with a fresh set, and try again. If this still does not help, move on to checking the settings using the controls on the front of the television set. Settings like the sleep timer as well as any screensaver options can sometimes turn off the television or interfere with operations. If this still does not fix the problem, move on to more advanced repair steps.

LCD TV Screen Repair Materials

To ensure a full revitalisation of the LCD TV, use the appropriate materials and a light touch to make the proper repairs. Even though the list of necessary repairs is small, each tool and component has a specific job to do to turn the TV set from a non-working to fully functional appliance.

Tools and Materials


Replacement LCD bulb

Ensures clear picture illumination

Pencil eraser

Revitalises dead pixels in the LCD TV screen

LCD screen repair gel or pen

Fills cracks in the LCD screen

Cotton gloves

Protects delicate components

Replacement batteries

Revitalises remote during troubleshooting

After assembling the repair materials, owners can start the repair process.

Replacing the Bulb

To replace a dead or dying LCD TV bulb, locate the bulb compartment on either the left or right side of the television set, depending on the manufacturer. Press in the release clasp and slide the old bulb out, taking care not to drop or break the glass. Slip the new bulb inside the same compartment and secure the clasp for a full closure.

Repairing Dead Pixels

One of the most common complaints of LCD TV owners, seemingly broken or blank pixels cause a black or red spot on the screen and detract from viewing experience. To fix this problem, use the eraser end of a pencil or a finger surrounded by a soft, lint-free cloth and press on the screen area using the very lightest pressure possible for approximately two to three seconds. This essentially wakes up the damaged pixel without damaging any more of the surrounding area.

Removing Screen Scratches

A common occurrence when children or pets live in the home, screen scratches inhibit viewing and look unsightly when the TV is off. To begin this delicate repair, apply a tiny amount of LCD screen repair gel to the surface of the screen and scrape gently with the included spatula to form a flat, even surface. Allow the compound to dry for approximately three to four hours before using the television to ensure complete drying and a clear, unnoticeable finish.

How to Buy an LCD TV or Repair Materials on eBay

Whether you need a replacement bulb or a bit of filler compound, you can find all the tools and materials you need to repair your LCD TV screen on eBay. Sections such as the Daily Deals page, eBay Stores, and the general listings offer thousands of products for sale each day. To make the most of your search time, use keyword phrases like "LCD TV bulb" or "silicone TV repair gel" in the Search bar on any page of the site.

Owners of LCD televisions can easily perform basic screen repairs. Regardless of the repair that needs undertaking, each step takes only minutes and the reward is a highly functioning set in the span of an afternoon.

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