How to Repair an iPad Screen

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How to Repair an iPad Screen

iPad screens are durable and rarely break down on their own. Most screen defects occur when a user drops the iPad, face down, resulting in direct screen damage. In these scenarios, repairs usually involve screen replacement. Any iStore employee is more than qualified to replace the screen, but the procedure itself is not cheap. Users can save a lot of money if they correctly assess the damage on their iPad and make the repair themselves. The procedure is not complicated, and anyone can do it by following a set of simple instructions. Make sure not to skip any steps along the way, as each step is crucial to a successful repair.

Get the Right Parts

Start by identifying the parts needed. Different generation iPads use different screens, so buyers need to make sure that the screen they purchase is compatible with their device. Use the iPad generation as a main search parameter, but do not forget that iPads come in two sizes. The iPad and the iPad Mini have screens with different dimensions.

Determine Which Screen Needs Replacement

The iPad screen consists of two screens on top of one another. The first is the LCD display that forms the picture, and on top of it lays the digitizer screen. If parts of the display do not work, or there are dead pixels, this means that the LCD is defective. The same goes for dim screen and flickering. On the other hand, if the picture is normal and there is just a crack over it, it usually means the iPad just needs a new digitizer. In addition, if the picture is normal but the screen is non-responsive to touch in some areas, that is also an indicator of a faulty digitizer. Do not replace both screens if one of them works well. The screens have a similar price, so replacing just one cuts the cost in half.

Get the Right Tools

Any repair requires a set of tools. When it comes to sophisticated electronics such as the iPad, users need to have several tools to make a successful screen replacement. The chart below contains a list of useful items needed for repairs.



metallic prying tool

Helps separate the screen from the clasps.

plastic prying tools

Plastic prying tools have the same function as metallic ones, but they deliver a lighter, more delicate touch.

T4 Torx screwdriver

Compatible with the screws that connect the LCD and the digitizer.

electronic tape

The electrical assembly contains a lot of electronic tape.

replacement clasps

Clasps are bound to break during the display separation, so it is handy to have replacements.

Do not start repairs without this set of tools. Those that try to replace the screen without proper equipment, risk causing additional damage to the iPad. Each of these tools play an important role in the whole repairing process and users should not improvise with substitutes.

Removing the Old and Installing the New

Start by removing the protective plastic from the digitizer screen. This gives users access to the wedge between the black part of the panel and the aluminium. Insert the metal prying tool in the wedge and use it to loosen the clasps between the two panels. Work along the whole edge and take precautions not to damage the exterior. A few clasps may break during the process, but those are easily replaceable. Note that there are several connectors along the edge. This is where the plastic prying tools come in handy. Use them to separate the connectors from the board and be mindful that the 3G models have one extra connector for the 3G antenna. Gently lift the front panel to view the last cable that remains attached. This is the video connector and users can detach it by removing the electric tape and raising the latch that covers it.

The steps so far only separated the front panel from the back. To separate the digitizer and the LCD, users need to remove eight screws with the T4 screwdriver. Have in mind that there is more electric tape in the way and that the two layers have an adhesive component in between. Once users manage to separate all the components, they can install the new part simply by retracing their steps backwards. Do not leave any marks between the screens and isolate all components with the electric tape. Also, do not forget to replace the damaged clasps, so that the front and the back panel can lock onto each other just as new.

How to Buy Replacement Parts for an iPad on eBay

If you decided to repair your own iPad, check out


's vast archive of offers. You can find a fitting LCD screen and a matching digitizer, along with all the necessary tools to complete the replacement. To locate these offers, start from eBay's Deals page. The deals page has limited time offers that can save you a lot of money. If you manage to find some of the items here, you effectively decrease the price of the total repair. After visiting the

Deals page,

go to any eBay page and type a query in the search bar. A general query like "

iPad screens

" returns a long list of relevant results that you can later manage with the use of the filters and the subcategories. If you wish to have a more specific list, add the iPad generation to the query or words like 'LCD' or 'digitizer'.

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